Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Radness Update

Where things stand after the first week. 

Well, that was a crazy first week of college basketball tourney play. Of course, you could pretty much say these same words every year, but there's something about what went down this year that makes things feel extra crazy. For the first time, a #1 seed lost to a #16 seed, but that's not even the half of it. In a year where ranked teams lost games during the regular season at a historic rate, it's not surprising that many prolific teams have fallen to seemingly lesser opponents.

Let's check out where we're at in the contest.

OhioTim and Aslack12 lead in total points by a slim margin, but the similarities between their two brackets end right there. OhioTim's PPR (Potential Points Remaining) vastly outweighs Aslack12's, while mjolivet331 is in the driver's seat when you consider PPR and total points accrued so far. Meanwhile, thirteen brackets have already seen their champion fall, which is putting those whose champ is still in the mix at a serious advantage.

Meanwhile, yours truly, by way of picking Virginia (R.I.P.) along with a series of other questionable decisions has already locked up the title of Worst Bracket. Yes, there will be no "worst place" prize for this contest, for I am already worse than all of you.

Good luck to the rest of you, unless you chose UVA, Cincinnati, North Carolina, or Arizona to win it all... because there's no help for you. Duke is probably going to win, guys. Duke.

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