Sunday, July 8, 2018

National Baseball Card Day, 2017 Style

How do I get the other two Cardinals cards? 

I've recently lifted myself from a decade-plus self-imposed somewhat serious eBay ban, allowing myself to make certain targeted purchases of things that aren't the easiest to find in the world. The keyboard fingers led me to looking up the Cardinals 2017 National Baseball Card Day set, a stadium giveaway that used the same design (more or less) as the hobby shop giveaway, but was wholly comprised of stuff you could only get at the stadium.

The cards came in two unopened packs of four, but the team set has ten cards. This means I am missing two (Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty). I have no idea how this works. You would think that they would give away the entire set or a portion of the set, but not most of the set. Are the packs randomly sorted? That would be weird.

Aledmys Diaz was the sole Cards representative in the hobby store promotion, and he had already lost his job to Paul DeJong and was demoted to AAA by the time this stuff came out. It was nice to see that Diaz's card photo was different in the team set.

The back design is different, too. It's horizontal instead of vertical. Still no stats, though.

Dexter Fowler's embattled situation with the current Cardinals club is perhaps a topic for another day, but I am rooting for the guy. He has always seemed like a great guy and a great teammate.

Even though the design is maybe a bit too busy in the horizontal orientation, this is still an interesting Matt Carpenter card.

The Final Boss didn't quite live up to his name in St. Louis, but his first season was pretty good.

It's always nice to add a new card of the Wizard. This photo choice is strangely zoomed and a bit blurry, though.

Waino! I think we may see Wainwright on the field again at some point this season, but it might be his swan song.

On the other hand, I think Yadi still has some good years left in him. How many more he wants to put up with are going to be up to him, especially considering the horrific injury he suffered this season.

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