Sunday, July 22, 2018

Some Updates

Caption contest? 

Group Break stuff: I still have yet to ship the majority of this stuff, but I am preparing to send a bunch out this coming Friday. I've bought too many blasters lately and need to divert most of my card-buying funds to shipping.


I wrote about a thirty-six year old pack over at A Pack To Be Named Later.


I am finally, completely done with my Portland Trail Blazers want list after finishing up with cataloging my collection earlier this year. The full want lists (as always, minus any serial numbered/autographed/memorabilia laden cards) can be found here. The full collection is documented here.

Meanwhile, my Cardinals collection is 99.9% up to date, and I have started the extensive work on the want lists. Have any requests? (i.e. "I have a bunch of 1997 Score cards and I want to know what you're truly missing!") Just let me know!


  1. I have these Blazers I'll set aside for you:

    1994-95 Topps Spectralight #84
    1995-96 Skybox Kinetic #K8
    2005-06 SPx #71
    2012-13 Panini Brilliance #169
    2012-13 Past & Present #134

  2. I've got my group break package; I'm just a mile behind on posting. One will be coming soon!

  3. Trevor - I'll start another pile of cards for you!


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