Sunday, August 12, 2018

Shiny Style

The weekend in card purchases. 

I didn't go to The National. I didn't make it out to National Baseball Card Day. Hell, I didn't even make it to the monthly card show on Saturday. (I should never write this event on my personal calendar.) What I did end up doing is buying some new cards at Target to enjoy when I got off work on Friday. The centerpiece(s) of this purchase were a blaster and "value pack" of 2018 Topps Chrome. Yes, this is the bougie stuff I used to mock on this very blog until I acquired a taste for it.

You know the drill. Basically, everything here is going to be up for grabs unless it's a Cardinal card. I don't know much about Amed Rosario, but I can assume that his season must not be going well if Jose Reyes is still on the teams. Then again, nothing is really going well for the Mets.

Ugh, gross.

Gimme all your Harrison Bader cards. Thanks!

This was my only Superstar Sensations insert, featuring last season's prodigy Cody Bellinger.

Adrian Beltre in a refractor style.

Shiny Greg Bird.

Paulie D! Paulie D Parallel!

The blasters come with four "sepia" refractors, but these look way too dark and weird to look like old sepia-tone photos.

Topps should ditch these.

I think they did some version of these Future Stars inserts last year, and maybe even the year before?

The fourth sepia refractor is Michael Fulmer, who didn't get traded.

This would have been worth roughly four hundred million dollars if it came out last summer.

Some Cubs guy.

Pink refractors are the bonus from the value packs. If you shop at Target like me, you probably already knew that.

Late career Miggy refractor.

This is a "prism" refractor, which we've seen in other recent Topps Chrome sets. More on this guy later.

This is also a shiny one. I do have base cards that I don't need, of course. (No Ohtani, but I did get an Acuna.)

Prism. Not Ohtani.

Ahhh, this is just scary!

Three cards down for my Cardinals base set, which is pretty good for a set with so few cards per pack.

If you're still reading this, I also managed to pull a Whit Merrifield auto from a value pack from that other Topps set. You know, the one I'm "slow collecting"? This is up for grabs as well.


  1. Recently purchased seven blasters (2 Stadium Club, 2 A&G, and 3 Chrome). Even though my biggest pull came out of Stadium Club, the Chrome was the most entertaining product. Loved all of the refractors.

  2. I'll claim the Cubs and the Whit Merrifield auto if any of them are still available.


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