Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Thick as a Brick

A brick of 2018 Topps Heritage cards -- courtesy of @cardboardhabit -- makes want lists smaller. 

Back in April, I received a ton of 2018 Topps Heritage cards from fellow Heritage collector My Cardboard Habit. Do you think I'm exaggerating?

Take a look at these cards! (I fanned them out for effect.) I just scanned a few of these, as is my usual procedure.

Not even the great sage Ichiro escaped the awkward close-up 2018-by-way-of-1969 Heritage photo treatment. It would have been cool to see him with the Mariners on what could conceivably be his last Heritage card, but no one had any idea what Ichiro was going to do by late last year when this set was coming together.

Full stats! Do you see that, Topps Flagship? Do you feel small now? You should.

The insert sets inspired by old insert sets and weird oddballs are my favorite thing about the Topps Heritage product, and the Deckle Edge cards are the cream of the crop, at least to me. Ozzie Albies has had a fantastic rookie season, which makes this a fun card to revisit at this stage.

Here's the now former Oriole on one of those funky "inspired by the period" designs. I think Topps has mostly done a decent job when they are left to their own devices with these designs.

And here's a now former Cardinal, putting on a huge smile for the camera. Or... he hates this stuff.

Read / Fedde would make a great buddy cop duo. Feel free to suggest some names for this new, wacky TV series.

I'm always pleased to see when key events in the history of civil rights are spotlighted in these sets.

Man, even the checklists are cool, even if this one features Mike "Be More Exciting" Trout.

As always, thanks for reading and indulging me. If you have any extras from this set (and extra time), please check out my want list. I'm still missing a few dozen of the base cards, plus numerous short prints (of course) and inserts. It would be nice to get this closer to a stage of completeness before the inevitable "high numbers" set comes out.


  1. The 1969 Topps checklists are pretty awesome.

  2. i have a ha-uuuuuge stack of 2018 Heritage. If you need base Cards, let me know. I'll go a huntin'.


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