Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Envelopes of Intrigue

The smallest of packages from @pksteinberg and @bbcardclubhouse pack a big punch. 

Here we are, with baseball playoff games still going into the late hours of the night, and there's college football to write about and a Blazers opening night coming up... tomorrow?! There's really too much going on right now. I thought I'd show off just a few cards, first from Peter of Baseball Every Night.

I "claimed" a couple of trade bait cards that Peter posted after he had purchased a box (or pile, or something?) of this year's excellent Stadium Club set. The Altuve, of course, goes into Erin's collection.

Reds fan Adam of Cardboard Clubhouse sent over some goodies as a thank you for this summer's big free group break, including this Allen Craig card from the inaugural Panini Prizm set. It looks like they haven't put out a Prizm set in a few years, which is in sharp contrast to the huge popularity of the NBA set. Could it be something to do with the (no) logos?!

Finally, this one was a big set need, as I already had one copy for my Cardinals collection. I am definitely excited whenever I am able to take down any Heritage insert from my huge list of lists.

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