Wednesday, April 24, 2019


It's time to celebrate with some cards from @bulldog2189 as the Blazers move on to the next round. 

I got texts, hugs, candy from co-workers and even an email from a possibly converted fan after last night's massive game and massive shot by Damian Lillard. Now that it's 24 hours later and I've sobered up, I felt like it was a good time to write again -- which means leading off with a card of the man himself. Fellow Blazers fan Bulldog from Nothing If Not Random sent over a bunch of cards last month, which included a few extras of my hometown team.

If you're a fan of early '90s NBA cards, you might recognize the back of this SkyBox card of Clyde the Glide from back in the day. It's missing its card number, however, making it a promo card that I didn't previously own. Nice!

This is a Premium parallel from this year's Contenders set of fallen (but not forgotten) big man Jusuf Nurkic. Nurkic made a surprise appearance on the team's bench last night (he is recovering from a massive leg break) which coincided with the Blazers game winning run at the end.

Kid Simons is here with an on-card autograph. Normally, it's hard to get excited about a guy who only gets garbage time minutes, but he got his chance to essentially play an entire game at the end of the season and looked great. He'll have to learn to play well with Damian Lillard, however, because Dame is never leaving and is going to play forever and ever.

It's a Cardinals blog, of course, and Bulldog had some nice Cardinals cards for me. One of my recent faves, Harrison Bader. He's got crazy defensive skills. Here's hoping he starts getting regular at-bats again as he recovers from a minor injury.

And this is a Chrome'd up version of Matt Carpenter's 2017 Stadium Club card, because we have to have different versions of things. It's a fact of baseball card life.

Bulldog also sent along a ton of Eagles cards. I chose this one to scan because I really like the color scheme, which is weird because I was never much of a fan of 1992 Topps baseball.

I also scored a low numbered autographed card of Ducks speedster Byron Marshall. Marshall has played sparingly in his NFL career, but I hope he can stick around a little while longer. Four (!) longtime Ducks-turned-pro recently announced their retirement, so there's probably going to be a fairly significant drop in cards for me to casually collect.


Jafronius said...

That...shot...was...AWESOME! I think it was probably the greatest game-winning shot I've ever seen. There are other memorable ones (Jordan and Miller come to mind), but for those there was fast and furious action going on. Lillard's just hanging out at basically the half court line for like 10 seconds and then just launches the ball...and hits it from what 37 feet out? And then just waves bye to the Thunder?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

Bulldog said...

What an ending. Lillard was awesome. Didn't get to watch it live but I could watch that shot all day long. And have actually... Glad you enjoyed the cards!

The Lost Collector said...

That was so freakin awesome! He is the man.