Monday, April 1, 2019

Friendly Fire

Plus another contest update. 

Actually, we'll do the contest update first before we look at some cards from Bump and Run. After sweeping the football contest, Trevor decided to let his kids take the guessing wheel and finds his bracket at the bottom of a hotly contested list of not so great brackets. There are only three brackets left that still have their hand-picked tourney winner still alive. Of them, leiber88's bracket sits at the top, though things could get very interesting if Virginia ends up not winning it all. Although rl16's bracket currently sits in second, with a strong Final Four it looks like The Lost Collector could end up jumping all the way up from 14th to 2nd. Still, there's a lot of basketball left to be played. Well, three games, anyway.

Trevor hit me with what some call "return fire" (I'll just call it friendly fire) for hooking him up with some football cards I found at Goodwill awhile back. Along with one of the last 2018 Bowman Cardinals cards I needed, I also ended up with some football stuff.

Here's a silver signature parallel of former Ducks star Akili Smith's 1999 Upper Deck MVP card. He's wearing an unfamiliar jersey (i.e. not Ducks or Bengals) which seems to be from one of the postseason college All-Star games. The signature isn't real, but Akili's smile is.

Another Duck here in Kiko Alonso. This one is thicker than your average card, which often means there were distinct retail and hobby versions.

Here's one for my Randall collection. Cunningham is wearing the NFL 75th anniversary patch that was standard back in 1994. Baseball celebrated 125 years that same year (which didn't go so well as I recall) and 150 years this year (uh oh), but I don't remember the NFL making much of what you would expect to be a huge number (100) this year. Weird.

Finally, here's the Eagles QB of the past and apparent future. With Nick Foles once again out of the picture (to Jacksonville, sorry... Bortles), it will again be Wentz's team to lead... just in time for him and everyone else to have to answer questions about whether the team was better off without him. It is uncomfortable being an Eagles fan.


  1. I don't follow the current happenings in football very much anymore, but from what I've seen and heard, it does sound like the Eagles might be taking a step back without Wentz in the upcoming season.

  2. I'm hoping Wentz and Philly can once again find some of that 2017 magic. Good return fire.


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