Sunday, August 4, 2019

Are We Almost Ready for Some Football-Related Activities?

A multi-sport PWE from a Dodgers fan... no, not that one. 

Longtime card blogger Jim (aka gcrl) from Cards as I See Them sent over a PWE last March with some football guys and some baseball guys. It's weird to see football cards on this blog again after a bit of a hiatus (some people never take a day off from football), but it's August already and for all I know there's already been a preseason NFL game or two in the books.

I'm a very casual Eagles collector, but (excluding Michael Vick) it's always nice to snag a few cards of the green football dudes since I pretty much never buy football packs. Along with the cool Prizm rookie card of newish Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, Jim sent over a card of the former Steelers '90s staple Charles Johnson. The Eagles apparently currently employ another, clearly much younger wideout named Charles Johnson. I guess he played in that scam league earlier this year. I am pretty sure Alliance of American Football blasters will remain on the shelves at the downtown Portland Target for another few years, considering how many dust-laden other football and wrestling products they still have kicking around from 2017.

It's on to the better sport here with a couple of inserts from last year's Allen & Ginter set. It's been a whirlwind year or so for Yasiel Puig, who left the Dodgers after last season and has now logged time with both Ohio-based teams. I feel like Puig would be a great attraction for an otherwise talent-starved (rebuilding?) baseball club, but with a contender he seems like an odd fit. I don't mind his enthusiasm, though, I guess?

I remember Ryu being one of the more talented rotation guys with the Dodgers when they faced the Cards in the playoffs way back in 2012 (?), but it seemed like he fell off the planet for a few years. Suddenly, he's one of the best pitchers in baseball in 2019.

Finally, let's end it with a trio of Cardinals Heritage cards. This is a good example of how this set doesn't have consistent grey tones (the border on Dexter's card is much lighter), but that was probably present in the set that it's paying tribute to.

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