Monday, October 7, 2019

Cards from Gavin

A handful of things from @breakdowncards includes a Ducks hoopster. 

It's been a crazy day in sports, so I'll just get right to the cards. Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown and I arranged another in-person card exchange (not even the most recent one) back in late June. Along with managing to reduce my inventory a bit, I also picked up a few Cardinals and Ducks needs.

This grouping was all about the parallels. Aledmys Diaz is shown here on a entire set that I consider a parallel. Sure, this stuff is packaged separately, but the whole thing is a bizarro version of the regular Allen & Ginter set. That seems like a parallel to me. It's like a parallel Ginter universe.

'90s parallels can be tough to collect. Sometimes I feel like I will be picking out Score Gold Rush needs out of haystacks for the rest of my life. It was cool to get a copy of this one that features the former two sport star Brian Jordan.

Unless you're a fan of college baseball, it seems tough to really like the Elite Extra Edition brand, but Panini has seen fit to carry this thing on since taking over the Donruss trademarks. Still, this is a Cardinals auto and will happily find a way into my boxes o' goodies (not to be confused with my binders o' goodies) along with other Cardinals cards that are signed, numbered or contain some sort of chunk of something someone might have used in a game. Jess Todd only made a single appearance with St. Louis in a counting game, so it may be tough to find stuff with him in the Cardinals uniform.

There were also a number of really nice Ducks cards included. I've purposely held back the football stuff for my weekly football posts, so we'll just take a look at this fantastic low numbered rookie year card of the former star point guard Luke Ridnour. This was from before the Ducks crazy uniform designs found their way over to the basketball program. It also bears a Sonics logo, which makes me miss the former rival NBA team to the north.

Thanks again to Gavin. If you're into music at all (and how could you not be?!) you should definitely check out his new blog about the intersection of music and cards.


defgav said...

Glad you like the cards, and thanks for the plug!

Bulldog said...

Good cards and I'm following Defgav's blog thanks to you. Go Braves! Been a good nerve wracking series so far and anything goes in a game 5. Should be fun.