Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Young and the Chromeish

Celebrating a Redbirds playoff with with a #CrackinWaxMailday full of youngsters. 

Bowman Chrome is the latest and greatest on the block, and earlier in the year I had bought into a Bowman Chrome break slot over at Crackin' Wax as part of a Bowman package. Unlike your basic Bowman, this stuff is only available at the hobby level (I think?), so I rarely get a chance to partake.

You all know what the base cards look like, so I just scanned the inserts here. Most of my inserts ended up being from the Stat Tracker set. I managed to snag all 4 available Cardinals, plus a double. Genesis Cabrera found his way onto the NLDS roster as a bit of surprise. He's young and super-talented.

Speaking of young and super-talented, here's Nolan Gorman. I am just hoping to try and bank as many Gorman cards as I can before he makes the big league club and is even more in demand.

Andrew Knizner ended up being the Cards third catcher this season, so he's not in the playoff picture (so far) with Matt Wieters back in good health.

Among all the youngsters, there was one oldster to be found - big Albert himself. It's weird pulling a Pujols card in a 2019 Bowman product, but I'm not going to complain. Harrison Bader is also in this set, but I didn't end up with his card. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this photo is not from the Arizona Fall League at all, which makes me question the point of this set in the first place. It does include some Pujols AFL stats on the back, however. He hit well there, as he did with St. Louis.

Finally, this little card represents my second redemption pull of the year. The other one (Trevor Story from Topps Big League) is stuck in limbo and is waiting for me to decide if I want to replace it. Should I do it? I have no idea. Jonatan Machado has been in the Cardinals system for four seasons now, but is only 20 years old. That's baffling to me, but not all that uncommon for international prospects.

Thanks again to Crackin' Wax who always do a terrific job with this stuff. I think there's still a Topps Update break on the horizon and that will probably close out my group break obligations for the year. It probably won't be the last break I participate in year, however. More to come...?


  1. I see no reason why you don't redeem it. You'd rather just stare at the redemption card?

  2. I redeemed them both, but enough time has passed that I can get a substitution for the Story card. That's the decision I need to make.


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