Saturday, November 7, 2020

Feathery eBay Wins

Quack, quack, quack. 
Due to the things and the way they are, I promised that I wasn't going to be posting about the Ducks or college football this year in the way that I usually do. At the time, it was not expected that the Pac-12 was going to attempt to stage a season this year, but of course they ended up caving in eventually once all of the other Power 5 conferences decided to put their young unpaid athletes at risk for the sake of a few entertainment dollars (and the schools' coffers, no doubt.) I'm still going to watch, but there's really nothing to celebrate here.

I thought I'd show off a couple of recent eBay pickups today. I can't pretend that this is some sort of coincidence that tonight is Oregon's first game, but you shouldn't expect these posts to continue for what's left of the fall.

I've been so focused on Justin Herbert's NFL debut, and even managed to score a few of his cards before prices got too unruly. It's made me overlook the rest of last year's excellent Ducks team and their cardboard debuts. I got this Troy Dye autograph for super cheap, and it shows off the new(ish) uniforms quite nicely. 

This one I teased on Twitter about a month ago. With an h/t to Dennis for the find, I scooped up this late career printing plate of the Portland native and former Oregon star Joey Harrington from the 2008 Topps Chrome set at a very reasonable price.

Here's the back. Harrington didn't have the best career, but he was a starting quarterback for the bulk of it, which is something not a lot of players can say.


  1. I haven't really been following college football, but hopefully the Pac 12 is able to keep these guys safe.

  2. Sweet Harrington plate! Cyan/blue looks fantastic in the 2008 Topps set.

  3. Whoa. Is that Cyan plate basically a framed card?

  4. I suspect that you'd get a little more excited if the Ducks were able to make it into the playoffs.


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