Thursday, February 4, 2021

A Ginter-Heavy Grab Bag

Baseball cards and more from @30aweekhabit including some set needs. 
Back in the fall I reached out to $30 a Week Habit as I had some extra football and Allen & Ginter cards to dispose of and was trying to clear up some space. I need to remember to keep doing this sort of thing, as things are still very cramped here making space a very valuable thing. In exchange, I got back a nice package of Ginter cards that I actually did need, plus a few other things.

You can never go wrong with a card of The Big Hurt, even if it is from his post-playing days. If I had been into fantasy baseball back when Thomas was with the Sox, I'm sure I would have wanted to draft him high.

Here are some of the minis that were included with the package. We've got a comedian, a couple of current players, some postal history and a guy on the outside of the Hall of Fame.

There were Cardinals cards to be found as well, which is apt because this is a Cardinals blog after all. These are a couple of green parallels from the 2019 Gypsy Queen set. GQ is usually one of the earlier drops in the Topps release calendar, so I would imagine we'll be seeing the 2021 version soon enough.

Lastly, I was surprised with this Juwan Johnson parallel from the 2020 Score football set. Johnson got into a few games with the Saints this season and caught a few passes. Let's hope that even bigger things are ahead for him.

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  1. I somehow didn't even know about those Postage Stamps A&G minis. Very cool!


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