Friday, February 5, 2021

Free Stuff Friday: Vol 13

I found some more stuff. #FreeStuffFriday [UPDATED 02/06/2021 12:01 AM PST]
I was looking through some boxes recently in search for something completely unrelated to the hobby and stumbled on some more stuff that I can give away here. Check out the rules here, but mostly - this stuff is all basically free as long as you've sent me something in the past year or so or plan to at some point this year. I guess it is a new year, after all. That, and don't be a jerk. When I was younger, I used to have a couple of out-of-the-package Starting Lineup figures for no apparent reason (they might have been gifted). One was my basketball nemesis (Michael Jordan) and the other was Kirby Puckett. I'm pretty sure the figures themselves have been tossed, but I found the cards recently. The Jordan is in rough shape but apparently people still pay money for '80s beat up Jordan cards (not that I'm really looking to sell any cards.) The Puckett card is in nice shape, though. It's up for grabs. As always, click or tap on the image to make it larger. CLAIMED

There are also two complete sets of this McDonalds "Sports Tips" Jordan set. I have no idea how these were distributed (magazine? newspaper?) I can tell you that these are not in perfect shape, but I have two complete sets of these if anyone wants a set. You might be able to make a nice mint card or two out of these. Both my copies of #8 have creases in them, but the rest of those sheets look good. The other sheets have some weird indentations on them but no full on creases. CLAIMED x2

I didn't think I had any more of these old SI For Kids sheets, but then I dug this one up. It's in rough shape. It does feature a couple of Hall of Famers and a U.S. Olympic gold medalist. I bet Ottis Anderson really doesn't want anyone calling him O.J. these days. CLAIMED

I wasn't sure of a good way to scan this, but this is a 1991-92 Fleer basketball promo sheet that was inserted into Sports Collectors Digest. The cards have backs to them as well. This isn't in perfect shape, but it's in much better shape than the SI For Kids sheet. CLAIMED

Well, given that it's Super Big Game weekend, I thought I'd throw up a few football cards. If these are popular enough, I could add some more at some point in the future. CLAIMED: Allen, Sanders, Barber, Tomlinson x1 (one still available)

Finally, I opened a whole box of 2015 Topps Stickers last weekend and finished off my team set. There are 400 stickers in the box and only 301 in the set, so... do the math. If there are any teams or individual players that you want here, let me know. (I did mail off a bunch of Dodgers already, but the rest should be there.) CLAIMED: Angels, Indians, Rays


  1. I don't care if he's in Wyoming gear - I'd love that Josh Allen the next time you return fire in my direction.

  2. I'd be interested in the Fleer promo sheet, as well as the Barry Sanders Prizm.

  3. I can use any Angels stickers you have. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for another Free Friday; you are a great member of the trading community. I would be interested in one of the Michael Jordan sets and any Indians stickers you have. Thanks again!

  5. Can you set aside the Tomlinson for me? I'm not sure if I have sent you anything recently but I've got a low #d Blazer with your name on it, as soon as USPS gets its act together.

  6. If one of the Jordan sets is still available may I please claim?

  7. I’d be up for the Rays stickers. Thanks.
    I think the Jordan cards were probably sold as a set at McDonalds in the late ‘80’s or early ‘90’s. I remember having a McDonalds Michael Jordan frisbee that seems like it was along the same lines of Sports Tips which I must’ve got out of a Happy Meal around the time I moved to Florida (1990).

  8. I'll take the Puckett and/or the SI for Kids page if either/both are still available. Much thanks, good sir!

  9. what an eclectic assortment of fun!


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