Friday, June 25, 2021

Nachos and an Update

Group break stuff from @Nachos_Grande and a Spring Cleaning update. 
When I announced the Spring Cleaning event in May, I knew that it was probably going to be a bit of a misnomer with summer around the corner. Now that summer is definitely here and I am staring at piles and piles of cards instead of sealed up packages, I know that I ended up missing the mark. The update is that I hope to resume sorting and packaging and actually start mailing things out in the first week of July. A few things happened to delay the progress, some foreseen and some unforeseen. If you have any additional requests (or haven't signed up yet?!), now is definitely the time. I am still planning on prioritizing anyone that specifically sent me stuff for this, but in any case I am going to get the packages moving out after the holiday weekend has passed.

In the meantime, let's check out some more cards. Everything seen here was acquired in a series of box breaks from the Nachos Grande Breaker's Club. 1998 Pacific Online was a pretty perplexing set. I still needed a bunch of base cards from it, and also needed (and gained) quite a few of these "web" parallels. The foil is gold instead of silver, and there's some sort of online code printed on the back of these.

Did anyone actually "get online" with these cards? I wonder how that would have worked. I definitely had dial-up internet back in 1998.

These Home Run History cards are very similar to the QVC box set that also included a bunch of Sammy Sosa cards. They're actually inserts from the 1999 Pacific Private Stock set, however. They're a bit thicker and have a holo foil overlay at the bottom.

Topps Tek was pretty much an anti-set. No right-minded set collector would ever dip a toe in here. On an individual level, the cards look really nice.

These are a good time for player collectors, as long as one of your players is actually on the checklist. 

My feelings on the Walmart Topps Gallery sets of late are pretty well documented here. They're not... good feelings. I also don't have good feelings about Marcell Ozuna, considering what he was recently arrested for. Barring something completely unexpected, this is probably the last you'll hear of him around this place.

On to much better things... it's mini So Taguchi! What a palate cleanser!

We'll end things with this Lou Brock card from the land of serial-numbered insert cards. There's a conspicuous space where you might expect Lou's signature to appear, and considering that these are actually called Prime Signatures, well... something feels like it's missing! This is just how things were done in the 00's, it seems.


  1. Hey, left a comment on that post!

  2. I love those Tek cards! Of course, I need almost all of the Barry Larkin Tek cards from the 98 set.

  3. Prime Signatures missed the mark for me, too. Seemed like a good idea poorly executed. That said, Lou Brock cards are always cool - even with that torn paper element in the middle getting ready to suck him down into a vortex or something, lol.

    I'm going to sit out the Spring/Summer Cleaning giveaway but I will see if I have anything from your wantlist anyway. And I hope you'll check out my NBA PWE swap meet, since you're one of the two or three bloggers that have boosted my basketball card collection.


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