Thursday, May 6, 2021

Spring Cleaning 2021!

It's time to get rid of some baseball cards. Again.
I would like to get rid of at least 30 boxes of cards. I know that's an ambitious goal, but I'm sure a few of you are up for helping me out. I am going to make this as brief as I can so that you won't get bored, stop reading and wander off somewhere else. I am expecting to send out boxes of smaller size as well as bigger Priority Mail style mailers. I'm hopeful there will be something interesting for everyone who chooses to participate.

1. Claim a team below. More than one person can claim a team. I will divide up what I have amongst the people judiciously.
2. Send me a minimum of one card from my want lists. (Team Want List | Set Want List)
3. Send me your mailing address if I haven't sent you anything in the past year or so. If I don't know who you are or how to contact you, I am not going to consider your team "claimed" until you complete this step.
4. Don't be a jerk.

You can expect to receive a mix of cards for your team from a variety of sets, including (but not limited to):
1. Newer base cards (including stuff from 2021)
2. Older base cards (you guessed it!)
3. A few inserts and parallels, depending on availability per team. (Let's just say I don't have a huge number of Dodgers or Cubs, for example.)
4. Minor league cards where your claimed team is the parent club
5. A select few serial numbered cards, autographs, or relic cards. This will vary wildly from team to team. I'm not going to tell you which teams I have bonus goodies like this for, or else no one would claim anything.
6. Very little (if any) "junk wax", especially if you are receiving a small box instead of a big ol' Priority Mail mailer.
7. Something random?! You never know. 99% of what you'll receive will be for the team that was claimed, though.

More rules (what?!) This is all optional, but feel free to tell me if you want:
1. A larger box? This means a higher probability of junk wax, but I will also include more base cards from the past thirteen years of this blog's run.
2. Are you a set collector? Do you need base cards? The vast majority of my extra cards are sorted numerically by set, so it's easier for me to look at set based want lists rather than team specific needs, so I may be able to help you out without claiming a team.
3. Special requests (no Panini! no 1991 Fleer! no guys with hats?!) may be honored if they're not too unreasonable/time consuming. Yes, this includes other sports.

Claimed so far (more than 1 person can claim a team, defunct teams in italics): 

Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves: Night Owl, dayf
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox: Matt (Diamond Jesters)
Chicago Cubs: Jafronius, @rossjmyers
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds: Nachos Grande
Cleveland Indians: OhioTim
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers: Jeremya1um
Houston Astros
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels: Laurens
Los Angeles Dodgers: Night Owl, gcrl
Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins: gcrl
Montreal Expos: @MikeMatson67
New York Mets: The Diamond King
New York Yankees: The Lost Collector, Bo
Oakland Athletics: OhioTim
Philadelphia Phillies: Elliptical Man
Pittsburgh Pirates: bbcardz
St. Louis Browns: Night Owl
St. Louis Cardinals: The Diamond King, Bo, David, @rossjmyers
San Diego Padres: Rod (Padrographs)
San Francisco Giants: Nick Vossbrink, Jay
Seattle Mariners: The Diamond King
Tampa Bay Rays: Jeremya1um
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays: Derek, Robert
Washington Nationals: constant1st

Special Requests: 
Randomness: Bo
No '80s/'90s: Jay


  1. I'll claim some Yanks! I have a stack going for you, so this will get my butt in motion to send it.

  2. I would happily claim as many Rays as you want to give me. Actually have some cards in the mail to you as we speak.

  3. I'm pretty sure you send me almost all your Dodgers anyway. If I'm wrong, I'll take them. If I'm right, I'll grab the Braves -- I'm always in short supply.

  4. I know you got some dupe Cardinals! I'm afraid I might be slowly turning into a Cardinals fan...

    1. Any chance you might make the 205 show this Saturday? I'm hoping to, but only very early in the day.

    2. I am shooting for a return to the 205 show next month. I hope there's still something there for collectors like me.

  5. Phillies please.

    (I hope you got the last small batch I sent you, because I plan on sending these to the same address.)

  6. I'm guessing you've already sent me all of your Reds/Larkin cards but if not, I'll bite on Cincinnati.

  7. I have some Cards on Cards for you and would appreciate the Padres. Are you planning on going to the Mall 205 show on Saturday. I will be there.

  8. No 1991 Fleer? I was actually debating on building that set a few years ago after busting two boxes. Then I realized it's cheaper to buy a factory set at the flea market than ship me singles I needed.

    P.S. Super generous offer Kerry! Love the generosity among card bloggers!

  9. Any issues sending cards to Canada? If not, I'll claim the Jays (not that I need any more). I can help you with a bunch of 1990 Panini stickers. Is the list accurate? Last updated July 2020.

    1. It'll be a smaller amount than shipping domestically, but I can get a round of PWE's going for you. All my lists should be up to date.

  10. Can I claim any leftover Yankees/Cardinals, any set needs ( and a random smattering of cards from teams that don't get claimed? Thanks!

    1. I'm planning on no teams going unclaimed, but I can get some randomness in there for you!

  11. I'll happily send you some cards from your want list in exchange for Red Sox!

  12. Cleveland Indians please! I will be more than happy to take as many Indians cards off your hands as possible, so a large box is fine with me. I have quite a few cards in a growing stack to get out to you. This will give me motivation to get yours out too.

  13. I have updated the post with all of the claims so far. Please spread the word if you know of anyone who might be interested!

  14. I'll take the Cards as well, but if the cap is two per team, I'll do the Padres.

    1. No cap on number of claims per team... but especially no cap on the Cardinals. I have about as many extra Cardinals as the entire National League combined.

  15. No one claimed the Cubs yet? OK I'll bite. I'm also a base set guy for what it's worth. I've moved since our last transaction so I'll e-mail you in the next day or so.

  16. I'm in for dodgers and twins!

  17. I'll claim the Jays as well. Dug up a couple of inserts for you, I'm sure I have more for you.

  18. Braves please.
    I already have a large pile o junque for ya I'm sure i can find something on the wantlist

  19. Okay. Giants. I'll go dig through my boxes and see if I missed any Cardinals or Blazers you need.

  20. If nobody claims the Tigers and you are ok with people doing 2 teams, I’ll take the Tigers off of your hands.

  21. I’ll take the Nats off still available. Looking for all things “Cavalli”

  22. A large box of Pirates would be cool but I'll take whatever you have. Thanks so much for doing this.

  23. I’d love the Giants and will absolutely get you something great on your wants list. I will shoot you an email now.

  24. I updated the claimed teams again. Let me know if you claimed something and don't see your name. Thanks!

  25. I would take any 90's inserts from the teams unclaimed. Anything from 1995-1999 or any Fleer Metal universe!

  26. I just saw a category for the Browns, so I'll bite.

  27. If you are still doing this, I would love to get some Minnesota Twins. I could never have enough of my favorite team. Any Minnesota teams would be great. Vikings, North Stars, Wild, Timberwolves. Thanks RJ


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