Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Pro Debut Has Chrome, Too

Could Topps Fire Chrome be far behind? Shiny Pro Debut cards from @CrackinWax (and more). #CrackinWaxMailDay 
We're back with a few more cards from Crackin' Wax breaks. The "jumbo" edition of Topps Pro Debut includes Chrome parallels that are exclusive to that particular configuration. Apparently this was a thing last year as well, but I wasn't aware and have never seen any of the parallels. I guess that means there's more cards out there for me to collect than I thought. (Isn't this always the case?)

As you'd expect, the cards basically look like junior league Topps Chrome cards. Surprisingly, I think this design works pretty well in Chrome form. Maybe it's the gradient on the borders that pops out a little bit?

Tink Hence is listed at 6-1, 175lbs., but you wouldn't know it by this photo as he just looks really tiny here.

Masyn Winn is actually supposedly going to be allowed to give it a go as a two-way player. I guess I didn't realize that when he first showed up in last year's Bowman Draft set. Tons of two-way players are drafted these days, but teams usually make them choose one way or another (or make the choice for them), so it was kind of refreshing to see the SS/P position designation on this card. He only threw one inning off the mound this year, but still... that counts!

I also hopped into another 2021 Topps Fire break. I didn't have much luck there, aside from this angry Jack Flaherty insert. Good soup.


  1. I had no idea Pro Debut had Chrome. Might has well just Chrome every set now.

    1. Let's see. They've chromafied Heritage, Stadium Club, Gypsy Queen, Bowman, Fire, Ginter... so Topps is well on their way to doing just that.

  2. Those Pro Debut Chrome cards are really sharp. Great additions.

  3. I guess Topps has to use up all their Chromium before the license runs out.


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