Friday, October 1, 2021

The King of Kings

A late spring trade package included some low numbered Cardinals and Topps Heritage fun. 
Happy Friday, everyone! Here's a few cards I got back around the end of May from The Diamond King. I am in the midst of wrapping up the last few packages from my so-called Spring Cleaning feature, which will include a massive box headed up north to the King himself.

There were not one, but two Donruss Elite Matt Carpenter numbered parallels.

The card design is pretty hideous, but look at that... rarity! Carp is likely in the middle of playing his last games for St. Louis at the moment, but at his peak he was an outstanding player. (It also took me, weirdly, until this very year before I started calling him Carp. To me, "Carp" is always going to be Chris Carpenter. And not Cris Carpenter. Or the other, lesser Chris Carpenters.)

Adam Wainwright will be back next season, however, as announced today. This is exciting news, though thoroughly expected at this point.

In another much anticipated move, Waino will be tapped to start the play-in game on Wednesday against the dreaded Dodgers or Giants. At this point, I really don't care who they play, but I do hope the Dodgers catch the Giants so they're forced to play an extra game. (I really don't want to see Max Scherzer in a win-or-go-home game, basically.)

The Diamond King also sent a stack of 2021 Topps Heritage cards for my set build. Look at this trio of short printers!

To top it off, I also picked up this New Age Performers insert of the guy they make fun of because his last name is like that other guy that people make fun of.

Thanks again to The Diamond King and everyone else who has sent me cards this year!


  1. I am NOT looking forward to the Cardinals.

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for a game 163. The more baseball, the better. Since neither of my teams will be playing this post-season... I'm trying to figure out who I will be rooting for. I'll definitely be rooting for the Cardinals over the Giants or Dodgers.

  3. The Cubs imploded so I'm sitting this one out. The White Sox are in so I hope they do well...?


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