Friday, November 5, 2021

Spring Cleaning is Over!

That's a wrap on Spring Cleaning... any Nationals fans out there? Paging "constant1st"... 

The increasingly inaccurately named Spring Cleaning event has now come to a conclusion. With the exception of a late-requested Minnesota-focused package and a bunch of Nationals cards that I don't have a mailing address for, everything has been shipped. Did you miss out on all of the fun? I may still have a bunch of cards for some of the unclaimed teams. We can always try to work out a trade, but soon I am going to implement my now annual ban on trips to the post office soon. (PWE's will, as always, continue in abundance.)

In other blog news, I finally moved my "10 Most Wanted" list to the menu bar at the top of the blog. This will finally make it viewable on mobile and hopefully generate a little more interest than in the past. Google has been making it increasingly more difficult to edit and update certain widgets for those of us who liked to more or less stick to the old-school Blogger layout, so I might start removing other neglected things from the sidebar since they're not visible on mobile anyway. We'll see.

Next up for the blog? December will see the return of the annual college football bowl pick 'em contest. Maybe I will get some other cool ideas before then?


  1. Thanks for the spring cleaning package!

  2. Got mine too, tons of fun, thanks a lot!

  3. Sorry for being the late Minnesota guy. I hope you enjoyed what I sent you. Getting ready for the snow any day now. Randy


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