Thursday, January 6, 2022

Contest Results and High Heritage

A Bowl Pick 'Em contest update and a #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax featuring Topps Heritage High Numbers. 
With the world turned into a real life game of Dr. Mario, it's amazing that any of our bowl games were pulled off. A few teams turned up as replacements in games, while a handful of others got cancelled. I'm sure the only entity that was truly sad about this was ESPN. It's wreaked havoc over the scoring outcome in our annual contest (the only thing that truly matters), but a few people have made it out okay heading into Monday's championship.

Johnny G is sitting pretty in first place with the most total points and the most total possible points. If he makes the right pick, the crown is his. Peter L and Elliptical Man are sitting right back there as well, and John S is poised to make a big move as well if the right pick is made. Don't forget to fill out you tiebreaker score for the title game if you haven't already.

I should have made this disclaimer earlier, but if 2022 Topps becomes more of a fantasy than a reality, I will ask the winners if they would like a replacement prize. With the MLB lockout in full effect, I'm not sure if new sets in 2022 are getting greenlit by Rob Manfred's minions or not. We shall see.

On that note, a big congratulations is in order to Mr. Haverkamp, who takes this year's Mayo Bowl prize. He doesn't get a 4.5 gallon of mayonnaise dumped on his head, unfortunately.

Let's look at some cards while we're here! Crackin' Wax had the overdue 2021 Topps Heritage High Numbers set available in breaks and I picked up the Cardinals as I often do. This Rookie Performers design is one of my favorites that Topps has come up with over the years.

I managed to get copies of the base team set a few times over, plus a single copy of the lone short printed card - Andrew Knizner. With Yadier Molina returning for one more season (assuming there is one), it looks like Knizner will have one more chance to prove that he's up to the task of taking over full time. That's a tough thing to do without actually playing regularly.

Here's a rookie pitcher and possibly one of the last cards of Matt Carpenter in a Cardinals uniform. I would think that he would certainly get opportunities with other teams, but will he be able to land anything more than a minor league deal?

Another longtime Cardinal in his swan song with the team and the guy that ate a lizard.

Seth Elledge is the other rookie card in the team set. Paul DeJong is hoping to win back his job full-time for next season.

Even more so than most years, the High Numbers portion of the Heritage set seems like an afterthought. I do have a hobby box on the way because the price was hard to turn down ($61 shipped!)


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