Monday, January 10, 2022

Five Good Ones

Quality Cardinals cards from a quality Cardinals fan. 
When you're a team collector, you surely know the pain of ending up with heaps of doubles when certain people are always sending you their unwanted cards featuring your favorite squad. This is why it's always nice to have someone to trade with that's on your side, so to speak. Every so often I scour the collection of All Cardinals All The Time in hopes of offloading some of my own doubles, and I've had plenty of good Cardinals needs sent back my way in kind. Here's just a few of the Cards cards I received back in September.

This is one of those fancy "metallic snowflake" parallels from Topps Holiday. I'm not sure what makes them "metallic" - is it just the glitter? Nevertheless, I am compelled to collect all of these as the checklist demands it. How much will we see from Jordan Hicks in the future? Will there be any baseball at all in the future?

If I'm not mistaken, this is one of those retail chain exclusive colored parallels that I never see to be able to find on my own. Was this only available at Dollar Tree? Walgreen's? I know I haven't seen cards at a Dollar Tree in at least five years, and I only once stumbled across the fabled yellow (Topps) parallels at a Walgreen's store even though their pharmacies are all over the place in my neck of the woods. I need more elusive color parallels that are only available at certain stores!

Here's a nice little grey jersey swatch from Jack Flaherty on the always welcome 1986 design that was used through the 2021 Topps flagship sets.

We finish things up with an autographed card of the Cardinals backup catcher. This is on the 1985 design, which means it was inserted into one of the 2020 Topps sets. I didn't expect these to be signed "on card", so this is extra nice.


  1. I need to find another A's collector ;D

  2. The relic and auto cards are especially nice, congrats! Your blog and All Cardinals All the Time are like a Cardinals cards tag team, lol.

  3. I believe you're right that the yellow was Dollar Tree for Panini products, although yellow is also for Topps Walgreens. The auto looks good on that 1985 reprint.

  4. I'm certainly no expert, but I think it is just the glitter.

  5. Glad you enjoyed them. I received both of your PWEs recently. Hope to get a post up soon about them.


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