Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Project: Randall (Update!)

A framed autograph from @flywheels updates the Collection of Cunninghams from 2021 Allen & Ginter. 
Thanks to a huge trade with Colbey from Affordable Group Breaks / Cardboard Collections, I finally have an update to last year's project to collect all the Randall Cunningham cards from Allen & Ginter.

Unfortunately, I'm having to add even more cards to my want list than I subtracted here, due to the release of the Allen & Ginter Chrome set. Yikes! I should really get going on this project, especially with baseball getting shut down and leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. It's probably time to focus on other things, like this.

If you happen to run into any of these cards (aside from those in bold), let me know as I'd love to own a copy.

Randall Cunningham #277 - FULL CHECKLIST: (bold means I own it)
  • Base
  • Silver Foil (Hot Box)
  • Glossy (1/1)
  • Mini Base
  • Mini A&G Back
  • Mini Black Border
  • Mini No Number (print run: 50)
  • Mini Brooklyn Back (/25)
  • Mini Wood (1/1)
  • Mini Glossy (1/1)
  • Mini Framed Printing Plate(s) (1/1)
  • X Base
  • X Mini Black
  • X Mini Red (/5)
  • X Mini Silver (1/1)
  • Chrome
  • Chrome Refractor
  • Chrome Blue Refractor (/150)
  • Chrome Gold Refractor (/50)
  • Chrome Green Refractor (/99)
  • Chrome Orange Refractor (/25)
  • Chrome Red Refractor (/5)
  • Chrome Superfractor (/1)
  • Chrome X-Fractor
  • Chrome Mini
  • Chrome Mini Gold Refractor (/50)
  • Chrome Mini Orange Refractor (/25)
  • Chrome Mini Red Refractor (/5)
  • Chrome Mini Superfractor (/1)
Randall Cunningham - AUTOGRAPH CHECKLIST: (bold means I own it)
  • Dual Autographs (w/ Vashti Cunningham) DA-CC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs FMA-RC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Red Ink FMA-RC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Black Frame (/25) FMA-RC
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs FMA-RC
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Black Frame Black FMA-RC (/10)
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Silver Frame Gold Ink FMA-RC (/5)


  1. All those versions for one card? Yikes.
    Always cool to get an auto of a good player though.

  2. Awesome card. Topps did a great job with the jersey. You can easily tell he's representing the Eagles. But dang... they make way too many parallels (in my opinion).


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