Thursday, September 23, 2021

Project: Randall

Collecting all the Cunninghams from 2021 Allen & Ginter with a head start from @weavahVBC and @JasonSowinski -- can you help?
Normally I'm pretty excited about a new Allen & Ginter release, but Randall Cunningham's surprise (to me) inclusion on the checklist gave me another reason to collect. I'm not going to use the term "chasing the rainbow" (not only because there aren't colored parallels in this, but also because I hate it), but I do want to collect as many of the Randall Cunningham cards that I can.

I now have my first three Randalls, thanks to some friends of Crackin' Wax. I still need another dozen or so, depending on how many printing plates were used and how many parallels there are in the new Allen & Ginter X set. A lot of these are 1/1 cards, though, so I probably won't be shelling out big bucks for them if they ever appear. Also, there will probably be a Chrome set again. Yeesh.

The A&G mini back is kind of interesting this year. It feels like they put a lot more effort into the design than usual, although I still miss the creepy Ol' Planter.

Here's the hot box silver foil edition. Not bad!

If you happen to run into any of these cards (aside from those in bold), let me know as I'd love to own a copy.

Randall Cunningham #277 - FULL CHECKLIST (?): (bold means I own it)
  • Base
  • Silver Foil (Hot Box)
  • Glossy (1/1)
  • Mini Base
  • Mini A&G Back
  • Mini Black Border
  • Mini No Number (print run: 50)
  • Mini Brooklyn Back (/25)
  • Mini Wood (1/1)
  • Mini Glossy (1/1)
  • Mini Framed Printing Plate(s) (1/1)
  • X Base
  • X Mini Black
  • X Mini Red (/5)
  • X Mini Silver (1/1)
Randall Cunningham - AUTOGRAPH CHECKLIST: (bold means I own it)
  • Dual Autographs (w/ Vashti Cunningham) DA-CC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs FMA-RC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Red Ink FMA-RC
  • Framed Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Black Frame (/25) FMA-RC
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs FMA-RC
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Black Frame Black FMA-RC (/10)
  • X Silver Frame Black Mini Non-Baseball Autographs Silver Frame Gold Ink FMA-RC (/5)


  1. Cool that Randall made it into this year's A&G set. Might have to look for one of his autographs. Big fan of him back in the late 80's/early 90's. Best of luck on your hunt for all of his singles.

  2. It's funny what I remember Randall Cunningham for. When Fantasy Football first started out, long before the internet, we could only piece together stats from the Monday paper and all that the paper put out each week were all the scoring plays. You couldn't get rushing, receiving, passing yards for everyone in the newspaper but each game recap would list every scoring play. It was fun because we would meet at our local ball card store (which was in the back of a used book store) and figure up the weeks scoring from the newspaper by hand each week. How much each scoring play was worth depended on how long the play was, so a 2 yard rushing TD wasn't worth as much as a 40 yard score. We were using Bud Light scorecards each week and it also gave a 2x bonus for a QB or WR rushing TD. Randall Cunningham broke our league. There were weeks he would out score entire teams by himself. The next year we made him ineligible to draft because it wasn't fair to whoever didn't pick first in the draft.

  3. This seems like the sort of project that Dennis would be all over, especially when it comes to those rarer cards.


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