Saturday, October 1, 2022

Good Luck Ducks, Week 5: Things That Go Quack in the Night


Oregon's turn at #Pac12AfterDark sees them hosting the Cardinal. 
Last week, Oregon's offense dominated the Washington State Cougars in both their rushing and passing attacks. That is, of course, if you happened to change the channel when the team got into the red zone. After nearly three quarters of total frustration, the Ducks figured out how to get in the end zone and then really put the screws to their opponent. In the blink of an eye, Oregon turned a frustrating loss into a triumphant road win, as they hope to take that momentum into a night game back in Eugene.

By night game, I mean a late night game. The kickoff is scheduled for 8:00 PM local time, which means that it will be past midnight on the east coast before we even reach halftime. I'm sure all of those poll voters will be staying up until dawn to watch the game in its entirety before casting their votes. Tonight they meet a Stanford team which has had a pretty brutal schedule to start things off as they face their third consecutive ranked team. Goofy things certainly happen during the Pac-12 late shift, but Ducks fans are hoping that nothing... too goofy happens.

Notes and other things:
  • So the Cougs kinda Coug'd it last week, after all, didn't they? I mean, I guess that's one perspective. Without the pick six that Cameron Ward threw that didn't make it over the line, it was certainly setting up to be more of a nail-biter. Of course, if Bo Nix hadn't thrown a first half pick six of his own...
  • That being said, Bo Nix has been been very impressive aside from those incredibly costly turnovers. It's hard to fully point fingers at the quarterback or the play-calling, but it's nice to see a QB throw the ball down field from time to time again.
  • The Ducks are looking to avenge an embarrassing upset loss to a 3-win Stanford team last season, their only non-Utah, non-bowl game loss in that frustrating mess that was 2021. Something tells me that they will.
  • The combination of extremely late start and warm October weather has the potential to create a certain... atmosphere tomorrow night. Let's hope that Oregon can use that to their advantage instead of having everyone passed out by the third quarter.
  • Will the Stanford band be in the house, up to their usual hijinks? Hopefully they leave that stupid tree "mascot" at home.
  • Game time is 8:00 PM PDT on FS1 in Eugene. Go Ducks!

Friday, September 30, 2022

Bird-Themed Teams

Bird cards from @forgotaboutblay because apparently that's all I collect. 
A comment someone Erin* made to me the other day made me start thinking about sports teams and their mascots. A lot of sports teams have animal mascots and nicknames. A lot of NFL teams do not. For whatever reason, I've ended up mostly gravitating towards bird teams (Cardinals, Eagles, Ducks -- not pictured). Dennis from Too Many Verlanders sent me another stellar batch of cards back in June that happened to feature those bird teams.

It's always exciting to add another Jim Edmonds card to my collection. I'm guessing somewhere out there is a version of this where all three players have their own memorabilia piece. Maybe there's one that just has Edmonds? Or just Rolen?

Rick Ankiel gets two memorabilia chunks of his own, both a bat and a snippet of his clothing. The default background for these cards show a row of batting helmets. I wonder if there are any embedded helmet piece cards.

Here's another card with multiple opportunities for jersey chunks, but only the white portion is real. Were these card companies toying with us?

This might be my favorite card of the lot. It's an on-card autograph from Topps Total on a design I'd never seen before. The "Signatures" script has a very '80s cafe look to it.

The NFL portion of the package contained this card of Michigan alum Jason Avant. Dennis probably has a few extra cards of Michigan players in the same way that I often end up with more dupes of the teams that I collect than anything else.

Finally, here's an interesting design concept. This "Freeze Frame" insert card contains something that looks like a slide in the middle. I would love to see more of these cards.

*A certain someone called me out for referring to her as "someone", so I have adjusted the post accordingly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Your 2022 St. Louis Cardinals, More or Less

No thanks to Topps, here are a bunch of 2022 Cardinals players on baseball cards. 
Have you happened to notice that our good friends at Fanatics are a little... behind? Topps Chrome just dropped recently, and it was basically just shiny Series 1, which featured players in their 2021 uniforms. If you're looking for something a little more current from The Topps Company, you might have to go with Topps Fire or one of those other little niche sets that aren't produced in large quantities, because I don't even expect Topps Update to be "updating" much of anything.

The best place to catch some new (and new-ish) Cardinals turned out to be the 2022 Choice Memphis Redbirds set. By my count, this features a whopping 15 players who played for the big league Birds in 2022, including several who should have appeared in 2022 Topps sets but likely won't. The burly Alec Burleson and the speedy Ben DeLuzio were late season call-ups, so they wouldn't have likely shown up on Topps cards this year under different conditions. Who can even say what happens next year?

Brendan Donovan will get a lot of NL Rookie of the Year votes, but is expected to ultimately fall somewhere behind a pair of Atlanta stars. He's been with the team since Opening Day, so he should have been in Series Two.

Conner Capel came over to the St. Louis organization as part of the Oscar Mercado trade several years back. He had a cup of coffee with the Cards before ultimately being waived in a roster crunch and catching on with Oakland.

Ivan Herrera has served as the Cardinals third string catcher this year, and he got the call when Yadier Molina missed some time. It remains to be seen if he can challenge for at least a portion of the catching job next season.

Junior Fernandez has been in Topps big league sets since 2020. He seemed to have finally put it together earlier this season only to lose his grip on whatever it is that pitchers get (or don't get.) He was perhaps the highest profile roster crunch casualty this year and was immediately snatched up by the Pirates as they are wont to do.

James Naile was a career minor leaguer who finally had a chance to make his big league debut (in front of his parents) earlier this season. It was charming.

Johan Oviedo actually made his big league debut during the weird excuse for a season we call 2020 and was a Topps rookie in 2021 sets. He was part of the trade deadline deal with Pittsburgh that brought over Jose Quintana and Chris Stratton.

Jake Walsh debuted in May and made 3 appearances out of the pen before being demoted again. He seems like the exact type of player who would end up as a 2023 Series One rookie even if he's in another organization by then. Walsh is wearing a Memphis Chicks throwback here, which is a bit disconcerting because they were never a Cardinals affiliate.

Juan Yepez actually made it into the 2022 Topps cycle (in Series Two!) He did not appear with the big league club until this season, but was added to the active roster for the dreaded Wild Card game last fall, which must have put him on their radar. He had a nice run in the first couple of months of the season, but lost playing time to some old guy named Albert.

Robertson was called up earlier this season and made two appearances (only one plate appearance) before being waived and claimed numerous times, ultimately ending up back with the Memphis Redbirds. He's another strong candidate for 2023 Series One rookie.

The young Liberatore made his debut this season and started 6 games, but hasn't really impressed at any level so far in 2022. Let's hope for bigger and brighter things for him. 

Along with Liberatore, the other top prospect to get the call this year was Nolan Gorman. His Topps Now cards were adorned with the "Call Up" logo instead of the "RC" logo, meaning that he's being shelved until 2023. He's got a ton of power but is still working on that whole strikeout thing. At least, I hope that he is.

Cory Spangenberg has a significant amount of major league experience and was brought to the Cardinals organization for depth purposes, I'm assuming. He did get into one game with St. Louis this season but did not make a plate appearance.

Zack Thompson was a first round pick just three years ago and has taken over as the Cards primary lefty reliever late in the season.

As always, it was fun to pick up another minor league team set. I'm glad they are still making them.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Good Luck Ducks, Week 4: Wazzu


Oregon faces an early road test in the Northwest as the conference schedule begins. 
It still feels like summer in the Pacific Northwest, but Pac-12 conference play starts today in earnest. The Ducks are up in Pullman, WA today to take on the Washington State Cougars. The Cougs are off to a 3-0 start, with their big win coming in a squeaker at Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Oregon is feeling pretty confident today after dominating BYU in their second straight strong performance after the Georgia debacle.

We've reached the point in the season where you look around the conference and say "hey, looks like everyone is really good this year." Well, almost everyone. (Sorry, Colorado.) Of course, the Pac-12 has taken quite a beating in recent years, especially in the media. It's also been shut out of the playoffs for the past few seasons, and a couple of mediocre schools decided to leave. Also, their current TV deal is pretty dreadful. Still, this is a conference with a lot of history, and a 3-0 start by any school is nothing to sneeze at. The Cougars are known as a quarterback school and are led by Cameron Ward, a transfer from an FCS school in San Antonio (Incarnate Word). Let's hope that the Ducks continue to disrupt the passer and bat down the balls in the air.

Notes and other things:
  • WSU is expecting a sellout today, which is always a good look for a rivalry game.
  • The Cougars seemingly had the Ducks number for a few years there while a young Justin Herbert was still at UO, but the last three games have gone Oregon's way.
  • I'm always going to feel better about playing in Pullman in September than November, when cold weather and sometimes snow is a big factor.
  • I think I probably gave up my right as a Duck to talk about "Coug'ing it" after the years 2015 through 2018, but it's always going to be there somewhere in the back of my brain.
  • I haven't talked a lot about Bo Nix yet, but after wanting to bleach my eyes during that first game, he's been pretty close to perfect. I'm not sure adversity is going to be his strong suit (is it anyone's?), but if he can continue to play near the level he's been at in the two victories, Oregon isn't going to lose many games.
  • Big thanks to Dennis for today's card. He sent a few other really nice ones along with this one which I promise to show off soon.
  • Game time is 1:00 PM PDT on FOX in Pullman. Go Ducks!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Easily Distracted

A #CrackinWaxMailDay from @CrackinWax brings a familiar design. 
While I spent the bulk of my card hobby summer working on adding to my collection on TCDB, there was quite a dearth of new baseball cards sets. One set that did make it out the door and onto the shelves was 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary. This one really smacks of "stupid customers, they'll buy anything!" as people really seemed to eat it up in droves. I'm not certain how or why a 2021 product was delayed for so long (there was a more plausible explanation with Big League, I guess), but it seemed like it was all baseball card people were talking about for awhile there.

I told myself that I was going to stay far away from the stuff, but Crackin' Wax recently put up some breaks on the website for the first time in awhile and I got the itch. I ended up with three teams in the break due to the way it was configured, but I've already traded off some of the unwanted cards.

I did end up with three Cardinals cards. As you can see, the set is a mix of current and retired players, in Chrome form, using the familiar 1952 design. While the cards do have a certain appeal, nothing that Topps has done in recent years has seemed so entirely unnecessary as this set. The set is huge and the number of cards you actually get for the price is miniscule. It's hard to know exactly who this set is supposed to appeal to.

The Cardinals cards from the base set will remain on my want list for the time being. They do look nice. They just feel a bit frivolous, but in a way that will seriously damage your wallet.

Here's a look at one of the card backs, which is a very imperfect take on the original 1952 set. Others have noted a plethora of typos and factual errors on these, but I am not noticing anything too screwy here.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Good Luck Ducks, Week 3: BYU

The Quack Attack hosts BYU in the first meeting between the two teams since 2006. 
The Ducks are back! The Ducks are back in the Top 25 (?!) If I made the rules, there would be no Top 25 rankings for at least the first few weeks of the season (maybe even the first six?), because the whole system is based on incomplete information and heavily biased towards those that have experienced the most success / have the highest reputation (tv ratings?) at those early stages of any given season. Could it be that there are some... flaws... in the big sport of college football?

Brigham Young University's football is also ranked and has a pair of impressive wins on it's ledger in the early days of this season. This is also a program that went 5-0 against the Pac-12 conference last season. (The Pac-12 is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, in case you hadn't heard.) This shouldn't be a Georgia level opponent that Oregon is facing today, but this is a team who is gunning for an at-large bid at a top tier bowl game at the very least. The Ducks, meanwhile, were able to take all of their frustrations out on Eastern Washington last week, erasing any doubt of the outcome very early on in the game. They were even able to get a couple of backup quarterbacks some work before it was all said and done. Again, the information on this team is still very incomplete at this point, but there's a lot of hope for a good performance from the home squad at Autzen Stadium today.

Notes and other things: 
  • The Ducks are slim favorites this week at the stadium where it never rains, but most of the attention right now is on the BYU Cougars after knocking off Baylor a week ago. I feel like the Big 12 and the Pac-12 are pretty much on the same level these days, which says that this team seems capable of taking down almost anyone in the west.
  • BYU flat-out embarrassed Oregon in a basketball game that I attended in Portland almost ten months ago, so I am extra hyped to see some payback this afternoon. The amount of Ducks fans that came out to the Moda Center was pitiful (we're talking like a 90/10 split in favor of the team from Utah), but I'm not going to put this on the Ducks fanbase. It's hard to get anyone interested in college basketball before March these days. Still, it was really humiliating as a fan to witness up-close.
  • Speaking of humiliating, the last time Oregon played the Cougars was in a 2006 bowl game blowout loss. A random YouTuber recently posted some highlights from this game and I have almost no recollection of it. I was surprised that Brent Musberger was trotted out for such a mid-tier game. Dennis Dixon was just a game away from the start of his abbreviated Heisman campaign, and yet Mike Belliotti was still tinkering with his two-quarterback system. (Brady Leaf was... not elite.)
  • Game time is 12:30 PM PDT on FOX in Eugene. Go Ducks!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pick a Team


How many teams can Panini cram into one player's card? 

Wesley Matthews is one of my favorite ex-Blazers, and I continue to seek out his cards whenever it makes sense to. One of my recent pickups was this Panini Status jersey card from the 2018-19 season, via a TCDB trade. Matthews is pictured with the New York Knicks, but is listed as a member of the Indiana Pacers under his name. We also see the Panini standard verbiage on the side of the card explaining that the player has changed teams. I have no beef with this, and actually prefer it to the usual Topps practice of either using Photoshop when a player changes teams or just leaving the player with his old team until the timing is right.

On the back, we see the Pacers logo, but something else jumps out. If you zoom in closely, you'll see that the "game-worn material" was actually worn (allegedly) by Matthews when he was with the Dallas Mavericks. Now, I understand that there is going to be a lot of team-switching involved with the base card process, but I wish they would just align the player's photo and team designation with the memorabilia pieces.

Matthews has changed teams a number of times in recent seasons. In fact, the most surprising thing about this card is that Matthews only appeared in two games with the Knicks! This is almost like catching an appearance of Rasheed Wallace in a Hawks uniform. It's almost like it never really happened, but here we have real documented photographic proof.