Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tennis, Anyone?

I'm fighting off a cold/sudden weather change tonight, so I thought I'd pass along something that was already written for me. Doug, who usually delivers PR info from Panini to fellow bloggers and hobby enthusiasts, let us know about an auction involving some legends of professional tennis. Personally, I remember rooting for Jennifer Capriati when I was young because she was roughly the same age as me and it blew my mind that someone my age could earn money playing a sport.

Check out what's being auctioned off here. Proceeds go to the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum.


Hit Sessions with Tennis Greats, Grand Slam Tournament Tickets, Memorable Vacation Packages & More up for Bid on September 10 in New York City

NEW YORK, N.Y., August 30, 2010 – Guests attending The Legends Ball on September 10 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City will rub elbows with tennis legends and industry leaders, honor the greats of the game and have the opportunity to support the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum by participating in a live and silent auction featuring a variety of exclusive items and experiences. All proceeds of the event will support the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of tennis, inspiring junior tennis development, and providing a landmark for tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

More than 65 unique items will be on the block ranging from exclusive access at all four Grand Slams in 2011 to luxury Caribbean vacations, as well as unique opportunities such as hit sessions with tennis greats, celebrity meet and greets, tickets to major sporting events, autographed sports memorabilia and more. Auction items may be previewed online at: www.biddingforgood.com/tennisfameauction

Sotheby’s auctioneer Benjamin Doller will host a live auction at The Legends Ball for the following unique experiences:

  • Two coveted Centre Court tickets to the 2011 Wimbledon Ladies Final and Gentlemen’s Final plus a three-night stay in a posh apartment in the Mayfair section of London.

  • An extraordinary Australian Open package including two seats in the President’s Suite for the 2011 Australian Open Men’s and Women’s Finals; four nights accommodations at the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne; and two round-trip business class flights on Qantas. This package also features an exclusive hit session with Hall of Famer Patrick Rafter.

  • Two Centre Court tickets to experience the grandeur of the 2011 French Open Men’s and Women’s Finals.

  • Tickets and hospitality passes for all four major 2011 LPGA tournaments: Kraft-Nabisco Championship, The LPGA Championship, US Women’s Open, and the Ricoh Women’s British Open. In addition, during the US Women’s Open, the winning bidder will be invited to a private 30-minute wine-tasting with Annika Sorenstam, featuring artisan wines from the Annika wines label, created in partnership with Wente Wineyards.

Highlights of the silent auction will include:

Exclusive Experiences with Tennis Greats and Celebrities: A round of golf at LPGA International in Daytona Beach with 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee Gigi Fernandez and former LPGA Champion Jane Geddes; Tennis hit session with The Real Housewives of New York City star and tennis professional Mario Singer in New York City; a lunch for a young person with Miss Teen USA; a lunch with fashion guru Tim Gunn; a dinner with Hall of Fame President and 1970 Hall of Famer Tony Trabert; a hit session with tennis great Todd Martin in Florida; a round of golf with Hall of Famer Stan Smith at Harbour Town Golf Links; a weekend for two at the Van der Meer Shipyard Tennis Resort; and a one week junior session at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy and at the Evert Tennis Academy.

Tennis Tournament Ticket Packages: 2011 WTA Championships in Istanbul, Turkey; Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters; WTT Smash Hits Celebrity Event in Washington, DC; Opening Day at the 2011 French Open; BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells; Sony Ericsson Championship in Miami; and Opening Day at the 2011 US Open.

Luxury Vacation Packages: A one-week stay in a downtown Paris apartment; a one-week stay including golf, tennis and water sports at the beautiful Karma Bay Villa at the Tryall Club in Jamaica; a three-night getaway to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas; several dream vacations for tennis fans including an escape to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club; a weekend at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa; and exclusive access to Antigua Tennis Week with Hall of Famers Owen Davidson and Fred Stolle, including a stay at Curtain Bluff Resort and playing spots in tennis clinics, pro-ams and more.

Autographed Memorabilia and Tickets to Sporting Events: Roger Federer signed racquet; autographed photos from all eight 2010 Grand Slam Winners from the Michael Baz Collection; a signed B.B. King guitar; an autographed Alex Ovechkin jersey and four tickets to a Washington Capitals game; a CC Sabathia signed jersey and four tickets to a Yankees game; two week-long passes to the 2011 US Open Golf Championships at Congressional Country Club; and more.

The Legends Ball, held annually since 1980, brings the tennis world together to celebrate the history of the game and to honor some of the sport’s great contributors; all while raising money for the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum. This special night of celebration will honor a host of tennis luminaries including the Class of 2010, which features the extraordinary doubles teams of Gigi Fernandez & Natasha Zvereva and Todd Woodbridge & Mark Woodforde, mixed doubles champion Owen Davidson, Derek Hardwick, an influential tennis administrator, and Brad Parks, the first ever wheelchair tennis inductee, who is also one of the pioneering founders of the wheelchair game. A legendary line-up of tennis greats will also be in attendance, including more than a dozen Hall of Famers and tennis dignitaries. During the event, the Eugene L. Scott Award will be presented to Martina Navratilova and the Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Award will be presented to Mercedes-Benz.

For tickets, sponsorship opportunities, or to learn more about the event, call 212-843-1740 or e-mail legendsball@hgnyc.com.

# # #

About the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum

Established in 1954, the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum is a non-profit institution dedicated to preserving the history of tennis, inspiring and encouraging junior tennis development, enshrining tennis heroes and heroines, and providing a landmark for tennis enthusiasts worldwide. The International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum was recognized as the sport’s official Hall of Fame in 1986 by the International Tennis Federation, the governing body of tennis. The International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum is supported by Official Partners, such as BNP Paribas. For information on the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum and its programs, call 401-849-3990 or visit us online at www.tennisfame.com.

Media Contacts

Doug Drotman (doug@drotmanpr.com or 631-462-1198)

Anne Marie McLaughlin (amclaughlin@tennisfame.com or 401-324-6033)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Topps from NatsTown

Here's a package I received recently that nearly got completely swept under the rug. I'm really behind on trading as I've mentioned recently and hope to rectify this situation beginning tomorrow. In the meantime, I knew I had a box of 2003 Topps cards to post about and had myself convinced that they came from someone who I had already had a stack pulled for when I realized that it actually came from NatsTown. And... guess what team's cards I'm pretty much fresh out of? So, while I scramble to print up or draw up some Michael Morse and Roger Bernadina cards, here are some blue Topps cards for you to enjoy.

Here are the Cardinals in somewhat happier times, when they were crushing someone. Unfortunately, Alex Cintron would mow down the newly-acquired Scott Rolen in a subsequent game, costing the Cards a series shot at the World Series in my opinion. Stupid Alex Cintron.

Huge 3-series Topps base sets used to be really awesome, because you'd get backup catchers like Joe Girardi.

But what's even better than a backup catcher? A backup to the backup catcher! It seems like the Cardinals are playing with an entire roster full of Chris Widgers these days.

Chris Narveson has managed to stick around with the Brewers somehow after being dumped by St. Louis on two separate occasions.

Here's Miguel Cabrera in his younger, lighter days.

I'm still waiting for the day that Rafael Soriano becomes the next Mariano Rivera/Lee Smith super hybrid. I'm not sure why. I've watched him pitch since his Seattle days.

This one stings, as I watched Jake Westbrook throw another extremely effective game with zero run support tonight while the man he was traded for is thriving for a team that seems to be bound for the playoffs.

Two guys who would take quite different paths on their way to their appearance in everyday MLB lineup cards. By the way, this is absolutely ridiculous. You have a terrific Major League Baseball team in your town and you can't get anyone to go? Does Florida actually deserve ONE Major League team, let alone two? My apologies to anyone who lives there and actually supports their team - I know there are some of you out there.

And finally, here's my little tribute to Bobby Cox. I'm not a Braves fan or a Cox fan, but if you're in the game for as long as he has been, you must be doing something right.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Airbrushed Fridays: 1986 Topps Traded #41T

By my current estimate, I have 15 stacks of cards waiting to be mailed out. Some are the size of a pack, while others are going to take some serious packaging strategy to assemble. None of this has anything to do with today's post, but I thought it worth mentioning in case you were one of those 15 who were thinking, "Man, when is that Cards on Cards guy going to stop moping about his underachieving team and start sending me some cardboard?"

Ken Griffey was a heck of a ballplayer, who will forever be overshadowed by his more famous son. I was certainly aware of the man, long before Junior came along. As a member of the Big Red Machine, Griffey Sr. was a three-time All-Star, all coming in his first tenure with the Reds.

Why did Topps airbrush Ken's photo? Griffey completes the airbrushed trio, having been the Braves take in the infamous Griffey (and Andre Robertson) for Claudell Washington and Paul Zuvella midseason deal. Oh, I haven't posted Claudell yet? In due times, folks... in due time.

What's wrong with this picture, anyway? Poor Ken the 1st is fading away into the background. It's hard to tell where the sky ends and the Griffey begins. Maybe these airbrushing guys should concentrate on painting skies instead of guys.

(If you are interested in obtaining a card featured here - but not this one - please send me an e-mail. If you have a card you would like to nominate for Airbrushed Fridays, please get in touch as well. I will require that I am able to see the card in person, either on loan or as a donation, so that I can examine the card and experience it in all its cruddiness.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1995 Topps: Finale

Finally, we've arrived at the conclusion of the $5 1995 Topps Series 1 box. To be honest, I don't think I've ever suddenly been so sick of any trading card release in my life. However, I'm not going to say I wouldn't do it again if I had the chance. At $5, it's hard to pass anything baseball-related up that I haven't opened before. I think I would pass on Series 1, though. Series 2, on the other hand...

Pack 28:
Go see it here. I'm not talking about it anymore.

Pack 29:
372 - Ron Karkovice (How many times can I stand to type "Karkovice"? Do you think if I said, "Karkovice! Karkovice! Karkovice!" outloud that a crazy looking fake Michael Keaton ghost would show up and grab his crotch?)
43 - Mike Kelly Cyberstats

199 - Derek Jeter Future Star (Yes, finally a player culturally relevant to today's youth. Check out that crazy picture of him on the back of the card. He looks like a sullen teenage vampire with a thirst for blood and baseball.)
139 - Paul Konerko Draft Pick
84 - C.J. Nitkowski Draft Pick

158 - Dave Winfield (One of my all-time non-Cardinal faves.)
184 - Hector Fajardo
8 - Shane Mack (I really, really hope that Shane demands that this song plays over the PA whenever he makes any public appearances.)
93 - Jaime Navarro
4 - Scott Cooper
235 - Ellis Burks
348 - Mike Blowers
31 - Dave West
324 - Ryan Klesko
189 - Derek Lilliquist

Pack 30:
288 - Trey Beamon Future Star
123 - Tim Belcher Cyberstats (Not even mystical CYBERPOWERS could save Belcher's 5.99 ERA season in which he walked more batters than he struck out.)

231 - Dustin Hermanson Draft Pick
199 - Derek Jeter Future Star (Creepy!)

LL25 - Pedro Martinez League Leaders
369 - Brad Clontz / Steve Phoenix / Scott Gentile / Bucky Buckles Prospects
391 - Mike Piazza / Mike Stanley All-Stars
355 - Fred McGriff (.623 SLG in 1994? Ridiculous.)
17 - Dave Nilsson

62 - Brian Jordan (Yeah, outside of Ozzie Smith, there were no real "stars" for a huge stretch in the '90s on this Cardinals club. You're stuck appreciating Brian Jordan because he played Safety in the NFL briefly.)
119 - Tony Fossas
378 - Mark Dewey
76 - Charles Nagy
202 - Kent Mercker
321 - Steve Reed

Pack 31:
183 - Jim Edmonds (Sad that Edmonds went on the DL / Happy that Edmonds isn't helping the Reds currently)
65 - David Segui Cyberstats
287 - Gabe White Star Track
208 - Eddie Williams
7 - Trevor Hoffman (I bet the Padres are secretly happy that they don't have to deal with the touchy subject of trying to let a legendary closer reach a milestone without affecting their playoff standing.)
78 - Midre Cummings

79 - Gene Schall / Scott Talanoa / Harold Williams / Ray Brown Prospects (The first person who can tell me who any of these people are wins... this card.)
151 - Derek Parks

203 - Randy Johnson (I guess we should all be thankful for the fact that Randy Johnson didn't come around in the HD era.)
73 - Dave Weathers
166 - Blas Minor
284 - Tony Pena
304 - Dave Burba
260 - Andy Van Slyke
70 - Juan Gonzalez

Pack 32:
113 - Bret Boone

101 - Tom Glavine Cyberstats
167 - Bret Wagner Draft Pick
169 - Roberto Mejia

LL13 - Julio Franco League Leaders (Wait... Julio Franco led the league in what? Okay, I guess he only had 98 RBI in 1994 to finish 5th in the A.L., but that's still really crazy especially for a strike year.)
394 - John Franco / Lee Smith All-Stars
136 - Mike Dyer
129 - Brent Gates
69 - Harold Reynolds
155 - Mark Portugal (I wish my last name was the name of a country.)
309 - Kevin Seitzer
132 - Paul Sorrento
99 - Cris Carpenter
318 - Jamie Moyer
365 - Dean Palmer

Pack 33:
100 - Barry Bonds (...)
6 - Shane Mack Cyberstats
59 - Ricky Bottalico Star Track
287 - Gabe White Star Track
189 - Derek Lilliquist
127 - Dan Smith
15 - Lou Whitaker
150 - Chris James

358 - Frank Castillo (Despite the lousy uniform, I've always thought sidearmers/submariners were cool.)
302 - Carl Willis (He of Airbrushed Fridays fame.)
122 - Denny Hocking

115 - Wally Joyner
362 - Chad Kreuter
321 - Steve Reed
222 - JackArmstrong

Pack 34:
3 - Babe Ruth 100th Birthday
88 - Tommy Greene Cyberstats
286 - Doug Million Draft Pick
84 - C.J. Nitkowski Draft Pick
201 - Steve Frey
322 - Erik Hanson
301 - Aaron Sele
54 - Joey Hamilton

40 - Travis Fryman (Insert Aqua Teen Hunger Force joke here.)
323 - Luis Polonia
109 - Danny Miceli
306 - Damion Easley
210 - Jeff Montgomery
263 - Dan Wilson
46 - Ken Hill

Pack 35:
19 - Sid Bream (I wonder if he practices sliding into objects at home just to recapture the magic.)
108 - Craig Biggio Cyberstats
251 - Kurt Miller Star Track

153 - Tony Clark Future Star (He's tall.)
188 - Billy Spiers
147 - Ray McDavid Star Track
174 - Darren Hall
93 - Jaime Navarro
61 - Mike Kelly
72 - Carlos Reyes
373 - Richie Lewis
35 - Ricky Bones

350 - Barry Larkin (Larkin looks pretty unsure of what he's doing.)
365 - Dean Palmer
254 - Matt Whiteside

Pack 36:
282 - Jeff D'Amico Future Star
186 - Kirk Rueter Cyberstats
123 - Kevin Gross

179 - LaTroy Hawkins Future Star (Hawkins may not have been a star, but he's one of the few in this subset that managed to carve himself out a lengthy career.)
301 - Aaron Sele
351 - Mike Williams
396 - Checklist
17 - Dave Nilsson

82 - Ray Lankford
305 - Orel Hershiser
9 - Delino DeShields
381 - Thomas Howard
125 - John Doherty
189 - Derek Lilliquist
14 - Jose Vizcaino (And that's it! The former Cardinal with a World Series ring wraps this up.)

Here's the final list of who is getting what. Please contact me soon if you have seen something you like and want a piece of it.

Community Gum: Greg Maddux cards
BA Benny: Mets and Yankees
SpastikMooss: Want list cards
Night Owl: Cyberstats Dodgers
smedmusic: Random assortment
thewritersjourney: Reds
reader Daniel: random leftovers
Crinkly Wrappers: Blue Jays
Play at the Plate: Cyberstats Rangers

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Flock of Cardinals from Reader Tim

Longtime reader Tim sent over a huge package of random Cardinals recently and I figured right now is as good of a time as any to show some of them off.

I credit Jason Simontacchi for bringing back the striped socks look. I think there's usually been one guy on the team (and occasionally two) that has worn the stripes ever since Simo virtually appeared out of nowhere in 2002. So Taguchi (occasionally), Anthony Reyes, Brian Barton and Brendan Ryan have all donned the stripes since.

This 1996 Panini sticker will make a nice addition to my Ozzie collection. I don't think I had any 1996 Panini stickers before the two that were in this package.

2007 was definitely my favorite modern Goudey set, even though it doomed itself by having both red and green back versions of all of the cards.

Why show a J.D. Drew card? I don't know. I guess I feel like occasionally showing my appreciation for filling up a spot in one of my Cardinals binders without actually having to spend money on a player I don't particularly care for.

Ah, Brett Tomko, a sign of the tragic state of the 2003 Cardinals pitching crew.

Here's a token Edmonds card, this time from 2004 Topps Total. I don't have many Topps Total cards from this year.

I received a few oversized goodies from the 1994 Fleer Extra Bases set. I have seen packs of this stuff a few times in card shops and shows, but they always look like they've been trampled on or kicked around.

Here's the highlight of the package, at least for me. It's a insert from the Cardinals championship year (and Wainwright's rookie year) of the Cards' ace. Yes, I said ace. If Chris Carpenter says he's the ace, then he's the ace. You don't "mess" with Carp.

I always appreciate Blazers cards. Topps chose to incorrectly angle the logo and Derek Anderson was never the player he once was in a brilliant season with the Spurs before he crumbled hard to the floor on a rough flagrant foul. Still, it's Topps Total. Can't complain about that.

Thanks again to Tim, who should be expecting a package from me in the near future. (If you're expecting something from me, I'm a little bit behind right now. Oops.)

1995 Topps: Part 3

And... we're back. Here's the running list of who gets what, so far:

Community Gum: Greg Maddux cards
BA Benny: Mets and Yankees
SpastikMooss: Want list cards
Night Owl: Cyberstats Dodgers
smedmusic: Random assortment
thewritersjourney: Reds

Pack 19:
343 - Craig Grebeck
184 - Stan Javier Cyberstats
142 - Mike Stanley
53 - Matt Smith Draft Pick
LL22 - Andy Benes League Leaders (I think this is only the third League Leader of the box so far?)
363 - Mark Farris Draft Pick

390 - Dante Bichette / Kirby Pucket All-Stars (A couple of guys without hats.)
352 - Scott Kamieniecki
291 - Jose Oquendo (I wonder if Oquendo will ever get a shot to manage the Cardinals.)
344 - Kirk Rueter
307 - Mike Henneman
353 - Gary Gaetti
256 - Eric Plunk
124 - Todd Benzinger
178 - Karl Rhodes (Nice post about Tuffy over here.)

Pack 20:

126 - Eduardo Perez ("See, here? This is how you get my smooth side.")
25 - Scott Sanders Cyberstats
66 - Ismael Valdes
331 - Alex Cole
41 - Mark Leiter (Why do I feel like I've seen these cards before?)

313 - Ramon Castro Draft Pick (One of the last remnants of the old Astros color scheme, I guess.)
253 - Lance Blankenship
191 - Roberto Hernandez
144 - Tommy Greene
44 - Bret Barberie
186 - Wilson Alvarez (Alvarez walked a league high 122 batters in 1993, yet still managed an ERA under 3.00.)
160 - Benny Santiago (Better known as Benito. I don't know what was up with Topps and their forced nicknames.)

216 - Alex Diaz (He's flying!)
280 - John Franco
236 - Jeff Brantley ("The Cowboy")

Pack 21:
275 - Ramon Martinez (Very, very good pitcher for a time. Pedro was known as "Ramon's brother" for awhile.)
59 - Tim Davis Cyberstats
84 - C.J. Nitkowski Draft Pick

112 - Terrence Long Draft Pick
303 - Steve Buechele
391 - Mike Piazza / Mike Stanley All-Stars (A couple of backstop All-Star Mikes. One of them had a little bit better career than the other.)
48 - Pete Harnisch
249 - Bill Gullickson (20-game winner in 1991.)

376 - Tom Urbani (Joins John Urrea in the 'U' section of my Cardinals binders.)
64 - Matt Mieske
72 - Carlos Reyes

45 - Dennis Eckersley
275 - Ramon Martinez
268 - Greg Harris (I think there were two Greg Harrises around this time, but no one with that name was very memorable.)
120 - Len Dykstra

Pack 22:
105 - Ken Caminiti

105 - Jeff Kent Cyberstats
368 - Mike Butcher
213 - Pat Hentgen
56 - John Smiley (Another former 20-game winner - 1991.)
271 - Mike Stanton (Not to be confused with the Marlins rookie outfielder.)
346 - Armando Benitez Star Track
114 - Daryl Boston (I don't think Daryl Boston ever played for the Red Sox, unfortunately.)
352 - Scott Kamieniecki (This has to be at least the 4th card of his in the box. I only noticed because I really don't enjoy typing his last name.)
101 - David Segui

305 - Orel Hershiser (Another sky photo. Hershiser actually led the league in losses twice, thanks to the red numbers on the back of the card.)
130 - Jeff Conine
143 - Bob Hamelin
21 - Orlando Merced
201 - Steve Frey

Pack 23:

17 - Dave Nilsson (Extreme!)
33 - Bret Barberie Cyberstats
336 - Benji Gil Star Track

212 - Ben Grieve Draft Pick (This probably would have been a big deal back in the day.)
369 - Brad Clontz / Steve Phoenix / Scott Gentile / Bucky Buckles Prospects (Yes, those are supposedly real names. Look 'em up if you want to.)
136 - Mike Dyer
261 - Dwight Smith
238 - Matt Nokes (I share a birthday with Mr. Nokes.)

111 - Tom Pagnozzi (With backup catcher Jason LaRue done for the season after being bicycle kicked by Johnny Cueto, the Cards called up prospect Bryan Anderson instead of Matt Pagnozzi, Tom's nephew. I can't complain about that.)
339 - Mike Fetters
5 - David Cone
135 - Julio Franco (Part of me doesn't want to believe that Julio Franco retired.)
161 - Jose Mesa
236 - Jeff Brantley
51 - Al Martin

Pack 24:
357 - Chris Gwynn
83 - Julio Franco Cyberstats (Part of me doesn't want to... oh, wait.)
177 - Chris Howard
142 - Mike Stanley
260 - Andy Van Slyke
3 - Babe Ruth 100th Birthday
393 - Danny Jackson / Jimmy Key All-Stars
354 - Todd Stottlemyre
372 - Ron Karkovice
22 - John Wetteland

276 - Dave Henderson
325 - Kevin Appier
303 - Steve Buechele
265 - Bip Roberts (In a way, this whole box has been a bit of a Bip.)

Pack 25:
269 - Ricky Jordan
103 - Raul Mondesi Cyberstats (There's one for Night Owl.)
213 - Pat Hentgen
66 - Ismael Valdes
5 - David Cone
301 - Aaron Sele
385 - Carlos Baerga / Bret Boone All-Stars
60 - Jim Abbott
151 - Derek Parks

55 - Edgar Martinez (Edgar has a street named after him next to Safeco Field.)
334 - John Flaherty
141 - Chuck McElroy

110 - Walt Weiss (E6?)
201 - Steve Frey

318 - Jamie Moyer (I wonder if Julio Franco ever calls up Moyer and gives him advice on playing until he's 50.)

Pack 26:
216 - Alex Diaz
40 - Edgar Martinez Cyberstats
267 - Alex Gonzalez Star Track
123 - Kevin Gross
337 - Jason Jacome

319 - Todd Zeile
171 - Calvin Reese Future Star
356 - Tim Mauser
238 - Matt Nokes
134 - Tim Spehr
159 - Bill Wegman
1 - Frank Thomas (Yes, I'm running out of things to say. Okay, Thomas was good.)
126 - Eduardo Perez
320 - Chris Bosio

324 - Ryan Klesko (Klesko is about to trip over the insanely huge rookie cup.)

Pack 27:
283 - Dave Magadan

81 - Jeff Conine Cyberstats
112 - Terrence Long Draft Pick

190 - Craig Biggio (It always annoyed me that Biggio leaned into almost every pitch.)
319 - Todd Zeile
396 - Checklist
395 - Checklist (The checklists are kind of a rainbowy mess.)

30 - Paul Molitor (Is there a first ballot Hall of Famer out there that gets less respect?)
182 - Milt Cuyler
68 - Junior Felix
329 - Tim Naehring
283 - Dave Magadan
211 - Kirt Manwaring
265 - Bip Roberts
25 - Jay Buhner

One more post to go with this one. Look for it around this time Wednesday night.