Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun with 1993 Upper Deck

My first relapse from my ban on card collecting happened sometime around the late 90's or early 00's. I was organizing my collection (barely anything was sorted logically) in my parents' basement and got nostalgic for 1993 Upper Deck, prompting me to buy a box or two on eBay. I never managed to finish the set and still am not sure if I want to put one together, since that would require even more money out of my pockets for a binder/sheets/missing cards and the like. But I was going through some leftover unsorted stacks a couple of months back when I happened to notice some amusing looking photography, including Mr. Scary Face Dennis Cook up above. Cook always seemed to find his way onto a playoff team (a capable lefty reliever will do that) in October in the '90s, and his face is one of the most frightening to look at that I can ever remember. At least he seems to have a sense of humor about it on the back of his baseball card.

Ouch! Someone honestly thought this would make a good photo for a baseball card. I wonder how Andy, the former Cardinal, felt about it.

Just Ozzie being Ozzie, I guess? Even mentioning this man to my girlfriend makes her blood boil, so I wonder what kind of reaction I'll get for showing his picture here.


This sequence of photos is priceless. This is Morandini several years after the Olympics.

As for me, I guess I need to decide if it's worth it to compile a want list and actually go after the missing cards. From what I remember, I think I have a ridiculous amount of duplicates and major gaps. At least I have (multiple) Derek Jeter cards, so there's nothing actually "valuable" that I'd need.


Erin said...

Oh good god. I was ready to comment on said picture before I even read what you posted about me below it.

I want to string that idiot up from his toes. And leave him dangling there. Forever.

madding said...

I figured you'd be on high alert from the second I posted it.

Next up: A post about Erin Andrews. Not really, of course, but I bet lots of chumps would love an autographed card of her or something.

Erin said...

You're trying to make me throw up now. Stop that.

Any chump that would want anything from her has no ... taste. Yeah.

She makes me sad because she defiled my good name. Jerk.

Erin said...

I suggest a full post about Anthony Reyes. And how he's totally awesome. And how the Cardinals screwed up. And how the "Almighty Dave Duncan" is not as almighty as everyone thinks he is. And how he's bustin' it up in Cleveland.

My two cents.

(If you need any pictures of Anthony ... you know where to find them!)

Erin said...

Oh ... and don't forget to mention that Cleveland has boring socks.


Brian said...

I like to think that AVS is giving himself a big hug there, like some sort of security blanket thing.