Friday, August 8, 2008

Trading with Thorzul

Thorzul Will Rule ran a contest recently where you would trade him 20 Brewers with certain requirements, the most qualifying of which is that he must not own any of the cards in order to score points. You can see what I sent him here; I think I'm sitting in 4th place currently. I received my end of the trade in the mail yesterday and thought I'd post what I got here. I decided to scan all of the cards that I didn't already have in my collection, except for the Juan Agosto card above which just had to be scanned... no explanation required!

Here's the list:

2008 Bowman Prospects #BP91 - Sean Danielson
This is my first 2008 Bowman card. Danielson is a speedy, light hitting 26-year old outfielder who came over to the Red Sox organization this year and is currently at AAA Pawtucket. I'm not sure how they acquired him... possibly he was the PTBNL in the Joel Piñeiro deal? (Edit: Wikipedia says he was.)

2008 Upper Deck #61 - Adam Wainwright
Wainwright did a wonderful job in becoming the "replacement ace" much as he did as the "replacement closer" in the 2006 playoffs. I'm hoping he comes back as a starter, rather than the team's vague threat to put him in the bullpen.

2006 Bowman Heritage #18 - Mark Mulder
I was too sad about Mulder to write anything about his latest comeback attempt. Still am...

2004 UD Diamond Pro Sigs Gold #43 - Edgar Renteria
This one's a gold parallel. Nice. I still like Edgar, even though he "joined 'em" after he couldn't "beat 'em".

2004 Fleer Tradition #139 - Scott Rolen
I'm not sure what vintage set this is supposed to be aping, but it reminds me of '80s Fleer, which isn't bad.

2001 Topps #400 - Will Clark Division Highlights
Nice card of Will the Thrill and the revenge exacted on the Braves after the horror that was the 1996 NLCS.

2001 Topps #252 - Dave Veres
No one seemed to like Veres much when he was the closer, but I'd certainly take him now.

2001 Topps Opening Day #86 - Rick Ankiel
The high socks... #66... he was fun to watch.

2001 UD Evolution #55 - J.D. Drew
I have nothing good to say about him.

2001 UD Victory #325 - Darryl Kile
Kile was one of my favorite pitchers even before he was a Cardinal, back when I barely paid attention to baseball (mid 90s). His curveball was amazing.

2007 Topps Heritage #351 - Cards Fence Busters (Pujols/Belliard/Eckstein/Rolen)
This is a great card, but I don't seem to remember Belly or Eck busting a whole lot of fences.

2007 Topps #329 - Classic Combos (Molina/Pujols)

2007 Goudey #6 - Albert Pujols
I love this set, and I didn't have Pujols yet. Now I do. Awesome.

1991 Ultra #299 - Todd Zeile

1991 Score #709 - Bernard Gilkey

1991 Fleer #640 - Jose Oquendo

1991 Donruss #25 - Pedro Guerrero Diamond King

1992 Topps #421 - Juan Agosto

2008 Upper Deck #653 - Juan Encarnacion
The best thing to happen would be if Juan could live a normal life again after the horrible injury last season. Everything else must be gravy, right?

2008 Upper Deck #655 - Troy Glaus
The Rolen for Glaus trade was a great one. Rolen just flat out cannot hit like he used to and can't stay healthy. I expected Glaus to be a solid run producer, but no one expected to see him challenge for a Gold Glove like he is this year.


Erin said...

15 - Ichiro Suzuki (I'm pretty sure he's on speaking terms with the devil)

The devil being Ryan Doumit?

madding said...

Doumit is a bonafide demon, but the devil? I'm not sure about that.

Rickie Weeks could be the devil, though.