Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Hobby Store

Today was my first journey to a hobby store in nearly a year. The last time I went to one, I was with my girlfriend in Austin and she got barked at by the owner. There were a few tense moments there for sure. One of the things I like the least about those places is that the stores are generally very small and you can almost feel their beady little eyes peering into your soul, hoping to extract some blood, er, cash from your person. I should know - I used to work at one of these places. Well, to be honest, I was only in high school and got to spend a lot of my time sorting instead of dealing with customers.

There don't seem to be any hobby shops that deal primarily in sports cards in Portland any longer, so I had to venture out into the suburbs to go a shop I never particularly liked all that much. I always thought it was way too expensive. This time, I noticed that they had relocated into a smaller space in the same strip mall, and it was definitely a lot brighter and friendlier than in the past. I picked up 7 cards from the dollar bin (6 for $5, but I got carried away and bought too many), some supplies and a few random packs. I will post one of the packs on A Pack A Day soon (hint: it's EXTREME) as my initial post there. The Skip Schumaker Chrome card is the first card I ran across that was a keeper, and I'm pretty happy about it as I didn't have any of his cards yet. Skip is having a pretty solid season in his first full season of regular MLB action, but he's been absolutely atrocious against lefties (.158/.238/.179 versus a .351/.412/.504 line against righties.) Edmonds is one of the two players I collect, redundant as it may be considering that I collect all Cardinals in general. I've gotten several of the Ultra Diamond Producers cards lately, but none of Jimmy Cub (eww.)

Ozzie is the first player I ever started collecting. I grabbed three of his cards.

This is from some sort of fake rookie promotion that Topps did as the card is in the style of his official 1979 Topps rookie card, but the photo is different. I'd tried unsuccessfully a couple of times to get one of these off of eBay for cheap, so it was nice to see it in the dollar box. Every card shop needs a dollar box. For that matter, I wish more places had quarter boxes.

Here's one from a Fan Favorites set. I don't really know what those are all about, but they basically seem to be reprinted cards with a gold logo, slightly weirder card stock than the originals, and occasionally suspect player selection. (I got a hilarious "player" from this set in a trade with Ben from the Baseball Card Blog awhile back that I'll have to image and post sometime.)

This card is shiny. I don't know what else to say about it, except that I miss Rolen's glove, but not his dilapidated shoulder.

The future is soon for Wainwright. That is, he should be coming off the DL in the relatively near future. I really hope that the idea of making him the closer again was just a terrible idea spawned from Cardinals broadcast Al Hrabosky rather than something the team is really entertaining.

Side note: Check out Indians Baseball Cards. Always. for an awesome tournament that David is holding involving 1993 Triple Play scratch cards. I actually have some unblemished scratch cards in my collection including one of Oz.


--David said...

I recently was in San Antonio, and had hoped to drop a store I had seen years ago that actually had a quarter box. Alas, the store was gone.... Thanks for the tourney plug!

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I got barked at by the owner because I'm a girl. Oh, and because I "manhandled" his precious cards. (If they were so precious, they could have been protected more.)

And I think their beady little eyes are on you waiting for you to "screw up." It is interesting how friendly they become once they see you have cards in hand, ready to buy.

I need to send you the Ozzie card I have for you. And the Yadi Bowman Chrome. I'm amazed that you didn't take pictures of all the amazing cards you sent me. You should have!

madding said...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for the cheap stuff. I think I got more excited about a Paul Kilgus 1992 Stadium Club card that I got from a Target blister pack recently than I do about many current players.

Erin, I can't wait for those cards! I would have taken pictures of what I sent you, but it was for your birthday and I didn't want to ruin any surprises. Plus, I got your package sent out within hours of receiving the goods from eBay.

Kevin said...

Your brother and I had no idea this was here but I'm pretty stoked that it is.

Anyway, this isn't that place out in Beaverton, is it? Obviously, I've also noticed the complete lack of hobby stores in town and I think I almost scared the girlfriend to death when we went into Cyclops thinking that they still sold cards. Yikes.

At least you collect baseball... trying finding a place that stocks hockey around here besides Target.

madding said...


This was all a dirty secret of mine until I came out on A Pack a Day the other day. Anyway, yeah, it definitely was the place in Beaverton. I did see some 90's hockey packs in the boxes laying on the floor.

I got an e-mail today, actually, from someone mentioning that "Baseball Cards and More" still exists.