Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Stuff, Cheap Stuff and a Lazy Saturday Pack

Just a reminder, folks - I still have a few team lots of minor league cards to give away. If you're interested, please let me know soon as I'll probably start mailing stuff out on Monday.

Cheap stuff alert! Thorzul is doing another cheap group break. He has lots of slots available at this time, so you should go on over and check it out so he'll continue to do these breaks, which are my favorite as far as those things go.

Meanwhile, I picked up a pack of 1984 Donruss Champions recently for the low, low price of $1.01 including shipping. I remember being fairly turned off by this set when I was young, even though I loved the concept of oversized cards. They are difficult to store properly and the inclusion of some "legends" scared me off.

20 - Rogers Hornsby Grand Champion (Of course, the fact that this card was showing on the front was one of the determining factors in getting me to buy this. I might have to pick up some 4-pocket sheets at the next card show.)

42 - Bert Blyleven (These photos seem like they are from the reject pile. As in, these are the ones that didn't make the cut for the regular 1984 Donruss set. Come to think of it, however, as much as that set is revered I don't think the photo selection was all that great.)

18 - Bill Buckner (This is from before Buckner's name became synonymous with Great World Series Gaffes and Blunders, when he was just a hated Cub.)

11 - Mike Schmidt

3 - Dave Kingman

10-11-12 Duke Snider puzzle pieces

I see now why it says "Yesterday & Today" on the wrapper. It's all yesterday by now, of course.

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