Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 2008 Goudey

I was prepared to post some 2009 Heritage High Series packs tonight, but it seems like they've started popping up around several blogs today. I decided instead to go in a different direction and finally do some housekeeping here. I've had a large stack of 2008 Goudey packs laying on a table in my apartment that's accumulated over time. They're all opened, but not sorted, coming from the occasional trip to the lousy big box chain store's card section. $1.47 per pack is hard to resist, even for a set I'm not collecting. My girlfriend has been interested in this set for some time, however, and I thought with our collective... er... collecting power, we could probably put this one together without too much difficulty. Well, that is, the non short-printed set.

Indeed, all of the ill logic came flooding back to me as I sorted through these cards this evening. 200 base cards? No problem. I'll work on our want list. But there are an additional 130 SPs, including stuff like Tiger Woods that I probably won't find in some dealer's nickel box at the next card show.

I'm just showing off the "best" cards (i.e. the SPs, inserts and parallels) of the 20 or so packs that were sitting around. Everyone's seen plenty of this stuff as it is. This Pee Wee Reese red back mini is up for grabs as far as I'm concerned, but the SPs certainly are not. It's nice to have some limits, I suppose.

Here's an SP in the '36 design. I never liked these because the font is cheesy, but who am I to argue with a vintage design?

I wouldn't know wrestling royalty if it was sitting right in front of my nose... which apparently it is.

Here's a Hit Parade of Champions insert. They are very small - actually slightly smaller than the mini parallels. You can't really tell unless you click on the images, however, because Blogger does funny things to my images.

I actually got two Gaylord Perrys, so one will be up on the trading block when I pull everything together. I just don't want any 2009 Goudey cards in return, though, unless they are Cardinals. That set bothers me.

Here's a blue back mini of King Felix. I'm not exactly sure what he is king of, however. Maybe LeBron James can fill us all in.

This is a red back mini of the Matt Holliday '36 card. So there are SPs and then there are minis of SPs, and even then there are several color variations. It makes me wonder about the people who try to put together "master sets" of stuff like this.

Ol' Honest Abe.

Ol' Honest Ken.

James Buchanan, a moderate.

And here's Ol' Gibby. Maybe you shouldn't call him "Ol'", however, because he'd probably knock you down with his fastball... even at his age. He'll do it.

Look for the wantlist coming soon to a sidebar near you. I just have to go through Erin's stuff now.

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Duane said...

This is why we need to trade....I have a ton of this stuff including SP's esp....the non baseball SP's.