Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Hoot of a Trade Post

Has anyone made this pun yet? Can I be the first? Let's just say I'm the first. I'm pretty hilarious, you know. The Night Owl recently remarked that I've probably sent him more packages than anyone else, which I'd almost find surprising considering the popularity of his blog and how often he sends others stuff. But I seem to pull more Dodgers than any other team, probably more than some teams put together. (Let me tell you a secret - just between you, me and that other guy's blog over there. I frequently supplement my packages with cards I pick up from 1 to 5 cent bins at card shows whenever I'm dealing with someone I've traded with multiple times or someone who I've felt has been especially generous to me in the past. But, please, don't tell anyone. What can I say? I enjoy bargain hunting.)

I received two small padded envelopes from Night Owl Cards about a month ago. The second one included cards that were inadvertently left out of the first package, but I've already gotten them all mixed up now so I am posting about them together as they were originally intended.

I love this Chrome Colby. I really just like Chrome cards in general. I feel really sheepish about this, because it was the one thing I made fun of probably more than anything else. I couldn't understand why anyone would pay $3 or more for 4 cards that just had a bunch of extra coating on them. I still won't pay that or anything, but I try to pick up the stuff when it's affordable and I like a lot of the cards I get from those sets even if they don't scan well. I also like when Topps uses a different photo from the regular base set which they did here with Co-Jack.

Ah, Joe Thurston. This is my first Cardinals Joe Thurston card and quite possibly my last. He is emblematic of the entire 2009 Cardinals team, the only one he played for. He was surprising, fun to watch, and ultimately extremely disappointing in the end. As high as I was on him in April, he seemed to find a new way to screw up in nearly every game as the summer wore on. Good luck to him, though. I'm sure his first serious look at the majors was a rewarding experience and likely one to learn and grow from.

Here's a nice Yadi card that Erin probably doesn't have. This picture is definitely from 2008 or earlier because Molina's Rawlings chest protector logo is not the gold one that he gained from winning his first gold glove.

Here's my first 2009 Bowman Chrome (or Chroman, as I and likely no one else like to call it.)

This 1992 Bowman Donovan Osborne is proof that I do not actually own every single Cardinals card released when I was in high school and working at a card shop. Sometimes I forget that. But, seriously, who was able to afford 1992 Bowman back in the day?

I could have easily been Bipped with surplus Dodgers here, but this is actually a card I needed for a set I'm collecting together with my girlfriend. (I could certainly Bip all of my "followers" and then some with all of the surplus Cardinals that I own, but that's another story.)

I also received a nice stack of 2009 Allen & Ginter, including this Nick Swisher short printed card here. I'm still a bit scarred from the Swisher & Johnny Damon card from 2009 Updates & Highlights that I never shall speak of again.

I'm sorry about the post title. I'll probably wake up tomorrow and have at least ten fewer "followers" now.


Play at the Plate said...

I thought it was a good title.

Collective Troll said...

I have used the Hoot thing before, but since you are the only one who reads my blog, you are probably the only one who saw it... A package went out yesterday for ya!

aj said...

"You Can Call Me Owl"


night owl said...

I make a living trying to come up with stupid titles (otherwise known as headlines). So I certainly won't cast stones.