Saturday, February 13, 2010

Late to the Twenty Ten Phungo Party

I suppose I'm not actually so late to this party as I am just lazy. I've been sitting on these for awhile. Well, I haven't literally been sitting on them, because that would be weird. It's time to check out a 2010 Phungo pack as well as some of the rest of the cards that he sent me in a recent trade on this rare Cards on Cards Saturday post.

21 - Bernie Williams (Here's a shot from the 2009 World Baseball Classic of one of my Yankee favorites. Yes, I can have those. You don't need to have one if you don't want to. I'm not sure if this is part of a subset or is a variation. I'll have to consult my price guide.)

41 - Dante Cunningham (Nice! A college pick of the new Blazers rookie.)
40 - Dick Allen 1970 Topps (You saw this one in the previous post - nice little vintage card here.)

AA-38 - Albert Pujols 2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Authentic Achievements (This is awesome because I really wanted this card but I don't think I put it on my want list.)

13 - Ozzie Smith 1989 Baseball Cards Magazine (I have a bunch of stuff like this in uncut strip form from magazines I bought around this time. I don't really know what to do with them. If I cut them up it would look like a third grader did it, which is kind of charming unless you're not a third grader.)

32 - Tim Lincecum ACE (This one has the special ACE designation. Erin's a fan, so she gets this.)

39 - Glen Phillips (What a way to end the pack! It's the guy from Toad the Wet Sprocket. If he was Canadian - he isn't, is he? - he would have been in the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night. Everyone else was.)

Phungo also hit up my want lists and sent me an elusive 1982 Bob Shirley card. I've only gone through the years 1980 through 1984 for the want lists and I've already been amazed at how many cards I was missing. I expect the holes in my collection will be much smaller when I get through the later half of the decade before it kicks back up again after 1993.

I didn't even know there was a 2002 Topps Total, and it's glossy... and... ick. Boring.

I'm down to missing just 5 base 2009 Cardinals cards spanning series 1, 2 and what they should just call 3.

I only need one more card to finish off the Cardinals team set from 2007 MLB Artifacts.

I'm always highly appreciative of any Finest card that I can get my hands on. This one features a hilariously bad PhotoShop job as they forgot to put Troy's uniform number on the front. There was a year or two in the McGwire era where the Cardinals did not have uniform numbers on the front of their jerseys, but that was kind of obnoxious and Glaus was far removed from the McGwire years.

Phungo also sent me a few set building cards including this highly sought after Luke Scott short print. I feel somewhat uncomfortable that I'm showing Mr. Scott as I get the impression that he's a bit of a gun-toting lunatic. This is what I get for trying to show off.

I believe this was the last card that Thorzul needed to finish off his set. I'm nowhere near finishing my set, yet, but at least I know I won't be chasing this guy at the end.

Finally, here's a Greg Oden rookie card. This makes it just my second Oden rookie card in my collection. I had a white version of this that is some sort of rookie insert set or what have you. I don't really know. Anyway, it's awesome.


kevincrumbs said...

Are there unauthentic achievements? Odd name for an insert set.

aj said...

glenn phillips is TOTALLY from santa barbara!