Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Teams in 30 Posts: #18

We've reached the middle point of the countdown where indifference has started to set in. I can honestly say that I care very little about teams 10 through 18 one way or another, and the order that they were ranked in could probably vary wildly depending on my mood and who I most recently saw on a sports highlight show.

The Tigers are one of these teams. Even though they were the Cardinals' vanquished foe in the 2006 World Series and have also been an opponent in interleague play nearly ever season since, I failed to really build up any sort of animosity towards them. I'd also struggle to name a lot of players in their lineup. I should try to play the "Name a Tigers Starter" game over a few pints the next time I go out. I'm sure it's even more fun than Sporcle!

Favorite current Tigers player: Max Scherzer. The St. Louis native is a star on the rise, as his 5-0 record and his more than 1:1 K to IP ratio this season suggests. Wait... there's a guy named Al Alburquerque on their 25-man roster? Wow.

Least favorite current Tigers player: Jhonny Peralta. I have nothing against him personally. I just don't like the way his first name is spelled and couldn't find anyone else to pick.

Favorite Tigers player of all-time: Cecil Fielder. Fielder was just a great story, and fun to watch in an era where the rotund slugger was something of a novelty.

Least favorite Tigers player of all-time: Kenny Rogers. Ugh.

The Detroit Tigers sneak in at #18 in my reverse-ranking of favorite teams as of the moment I picked them on October 4th, 2010. All of these cards are very much up for trade, so please contact me if you're interested.

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