Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Dilemma

First off, I promise that this blog isn't turning into my Personal Collecting Dilemma/Impromptu Poll/How To Fix My Life blog this week. It just seems like it. Secondly, I'm still not convinced that an iPhone is capable of taking a decent picture. (The first picture was from the phone and the second was from my scanner. They both suck.) I am, once again, soliciting your advice if you're reading this and - here's the important part - if you're a team collector like I am.

This 2009 Topps Cardinals team set was a gift from Rhubarb_Runner, who is conveniently located in alignment with my collecting interests. This was part of the box o' fun I received awhile back that I threatened to use for several future posts. This is one of those posts. Here's the issue: I want these cards in my Cardinals binders. They are unique. Well... unique enough that they have their own numbering scheme. A few of the cards from these team sets are previews of Series 2 card photos, but there's always one or two cards that ends up being its own entity. Sometimes a player never makes one of the sets or is traded before the next series is released. Sometimes it's just... Fredbird. I mean, come on... I have no 2009 Topps Fredbird cards in my binder. What can I do? The problem is that these teams sets have their own cool little display to them and would look nice stashed away somewhere if I left them alone. I guess I could buy another one.

There's no dilemma about this card. Dan Haren will forever be known as the one that got away, even if Brett Wallace continues to be a singles and doubles machine like he has been in 2011. Haren is one of the upper crust of starting pitchers in baseball, but he was one of the heap of players that was shipped off to Oakland for a two-time All-Star lefty whose name shall not be mentioned.

It's a classy touch that this jersey card is numbered 39 out of 100. I don't often scan card backs here, but I had to show off the rare instance where a "hit" card actually looked like it had some thought put into it. There's a second photo that shows up only on the back. Sometimes it's all about the little things for me. Actually, that's probably most of the time. I deliberately held this card out of my previous post, but I felt like it was a good time to show it now. Maybe it will make up for my blurry team set photos.

I'm far from done with the box o' fun. That's just a warning. Hey, at least it might make up for all of the basketball posts last month, right?

For way more info on Topps team sets than I could possibly provide, check out JayBee's blog on all things Topps.


Anonymous said...

Definitely pop it open and put 'em into binders. While you're at it, cut out the checklist on the back and put it into the binder as well, so you remember why you have "duplicates" in there when you come across them at a later date.

The Lost Collector said...

When I was younger, I used to keep these in the packaging because they'd be "worth more." I just pikced up the 2011 Yanks team set and gladly opened it to check out the cards that weren't available in Series One. I'd say bust it open and feel good about it.