Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun With UPC Codes

There's been some kerfuffle about 2011 Topps Heritage loose packs at Target lately, as seen here and here. I figured I may as well check it out myself. I am feeling no remorse about cherry picking these packs considering what some grubby rat bastard did to the four Allen & Ginter rack packs that I bought. Five of the cards I received in those packs had nasty creases in them, so I don't even feel like posting about them at this point. Here's three "special" Heritage packs instead.

Pack 1:
101 - Jacoby Ellsbury (Where has the power come from all of a sudden? He went from Mr. Glass to Rather Formidable.)
354 - Hunter Pence
70 - Justin Morneau
319 - Lincecum Shows His Stuff (1 in every 4 Heritage packs contains this card.)

439 - Stephen Drew (It's a short print and I needed it.)

395 - Matt Holliday All-Star

110 - Mark Teixeira (I get plenty of Jeters and A-Rods, but I have relatively few Teixeira cards.)
366 - Rick Porcello
74 - Hanley Ramirez

Pack 2:
183 - Mike Pelfrey
72 - Philly's Men Up The Middle (That's Rollins and Utley if you didn't know.)
320 - Jason Heyward (I stayed far far away from this guy on fantasy draft day and feel good about my decision right now.)
50 - Albert Pujols

493 - Rookie Parade (Rookies on parade! Floating heads! Short print... ahhh... I already have it.)
244 - Lars Anderson

211 - Midway Masters (This has got to be one of the worst card design decisions I've seen from Topps. Sadly, it's a tribute to something like most of these cards.)
116 - Gavin Floyd
412 - Tradey McRumorson

Pack 3:
277 - Pedro Alvarez

215 - Asdrubal Cabrera (You would think that the Mariners would have won at least one of their past 17 games if they still had Cabrera.)
374 - Charlie Manuel (Former Portland Beavers skipper.)

TN-10 - Bob Gibson / Roy Halladay Then and Now (It's no short print, but these are 1:15 pack pulls if the odds are what they say they are. I already had a copy of this, but I needed two and now I have two. Nice.)

420 - Miguel Montero
198 - Tony La Russa
279 - Bengie Molina (The rare "1994" version of this card seems to be one of the most rare Heritage variations ever released. This isn't that one, of course.)
64 - Nick Markakis
330 - Mike Napoli

My Heritage want list is up to date. Please let me know if you'd like to do a swap. I have two SP doubles to trade at the moment if that's interesting at all.


About those Allen & Ginter cards... well, I'm still pretty ticked off about the damaged cards. Here's a scan of the code card that I got because I feel bad. Is anyone doing this crack the code business anymore? Do people still need these images? Does anyone else want to kick the Code Master in the face every time they see him? I find it pretty hilarious that he only has 357 followers on Twitter, whatever that means.

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TJ said...

Interesting. So the UPC theory works, then?

Sucks about the A&G.