Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Clearance (Capewood's Version)

Whenever I hear of random assortments of cards being offered up at virtually no expense other than a courtesy trade response of similarly unwanted stuff, I react with some sort of Pavlovian response. I think I would be in real trouble if all of the trading card blogs did these sorts of things every week. My dream of reducing my card collection and replacing it with only the essential interests (namely, all things Cardinals and a few other quirks) would finally be shattered. I'm not sure it's really attainable, anyway, considering that I've done nothing to train myself not to respond to temptation like a slobbering dog.

I can proudly say that I've never once bought a pack of Topps Attax. Even if I run into one of these things in a deeply discounted bin, I will try to stay away. I can't resist Upper Deck Victory or MLB Showdown since these things regularly appear in repacks everywhere, but somewhere I decided to draw the line at Topps Attax. That doesn't keep me from wanting the Cardinals from these sets, even though I don't know if I'll ever officially add these sets to my want list. I should also mention that these cards came from Capewood's Collections and that my overall trading card surplus is a few sandwich baggies lighter.

Cards with players on their former teams while designating them as members of a new team seem to be somewhat of a divisive issue. I'm a fan, and I had not seen this one before. Royce Clayton was put in the unfortunate position of being caught in the middle of the Ozzie Smith / Tony La Russa feud that marked the end of the Wizard's career as La Russa sought to give more playing time to Clayton. Clayton was never great, but numbers wise it probably made sense at the time.

The 1991 Fleer Ultra Update set can be counted among the junkiest of junk wax era junk that I've actually seen very little of. I still need three Cardinals from it as well as a few others from the main set for some reason.

Colby Rasmus is Topic Number One around the water coolers in the Gateway City, or so I imagine given how much he's discussed on the internet and on game broadcasts. I live nowhere near St. Louis, but I imagine there are plenty of guys in suits in downtown office buildings there, talking about how much of a bum Rasmus is. I think I've finally come around to the idea that trading Rasmus might make sense, but I also see many reasons why it doesn't. I know this much - stay far away from players with overbearing parental figures in their lives who want to be involved in their careers. It's never a good sign.

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