Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crinkly Bubble Mailers

I always feel bad when I'm really behind on trade posts because I always know I'll find one or two packages that I haven't reciprocated for. Such is the case, I believe, for this particular package of want list fodder from Crinkly Wrappers.

Minis were on the menu, specifically those of the 2010 Allen & Ginter variety. Protarchaeopteryx must be the Marc Rzepczynski of Mesozoic era.

Who would win in a... oh, forget it... clearly, the Komodo dragon because it's a DRAGON. I don't care if it can't breathe fire (or can it...?)

This is the second straight post where I've been able to feature 2010 Turkey Red. I love Turkey Red. I need to buy some more. I wonder how much I'd have to shell out for a box of 2005 or 2006 Turkey Red. Heck, I'd even take a blaster or a few packs.

You know the deal here. Crummy set, but fun little insert. I only wish these were on a Heritage quality card stock.

Ahh... I don't see the connection at all. Prince isn't even a switch hitter! Flipping over the card, it's revealed that both players led the majors in walks in the previous seasons (1962 & 2010.)

Thanks again to Crinkly Wrappers. I'll have to get some Blue Jays headed back in your direction soon.

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dawgbones said...

I got your message, and your email, and actually sent a response to it today!! Sorry about that...

Crinkly is a good one for cards through the mail, never disappointed in what he sends. Lovin the elephant mini. And I find it very odd that two players would be recognized for a statistic that is totally beyond their control!!