Monday, September 12, 2011

No Time, No Posts

I have too many irons in the fire right now. Here's a break from my weekly musings on college football and baseball photo fabrication with an actual, factual trade post. Remember those? Man, they were swell! Awhile back, Tenets of Wilson sent me a brick of cards that I needed from the 2010 Turkey Red inserts and 2011 Topps Heritage. Matt is a fellow Cards fan, so it's always fun trading with him. Contrary to what might seem to be logical, I don't think I could ever have trouble trading with another Cardinals collector because I have more of their doubles than quite a few teams combined.

Can the Brewers make it to the World Series this year for the first time since Yount roamed the infield and won the AL MVP back in 1982? I'm not a believer. Not only do they seem to be a victim of peaking at the wrong time, but any team with Yuniesky Betancourt (the last 't' is actually silent, I recently learned) getting regular at-bats is probably not going to be a champion. Greinke is a great pitcher, but you have to wonder about his ability to step up in a playoff game. Fielder and Braun are great, but is there anyone else you can count on? Is Rickie Weeks... ugh, nevermind, I'm sick of talking about the Brewers already.

In other news, here's Christy Mathewson, showing off his grip.

Floating heads! It's amazing to see that the Cardinals had two of the lowest earned run allowers in baseball last year but couldn't sniff the postseason. This season won't produce any Cardinals ERA champs, but the glimmer of hope of sneaking into the playoffs is still there... sort of. Not really.

Granderson has had an amazing year. Did anyone see this coming?

I should really purchase that 2011 Heritage binder one of these days... and one for Allen & Ginter while I'm at it.