Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Summer, Still Baseball Season

Not only is summer not officially over until this Friday, but there are also some wild card races in full effect in this current baseball season. Sick of baseball? That's too bad. I guess you could always fully immerse yourself in cartoon ponies or something. Things have been moving along just as I expected in the Cardinals Dept., which means that they will fall flat on their faces as soon as they are in a must-win situation against a lesser opponent. Yes, that means that the Cubs and Astros scare me as an opponent a lot more than Philadelphia.

Reader Daniel sent over another batch of 2011 Heritage cards to help out the cause. I may finally catch up on posting about these packages by the time 2012 Heritage rolls around. Speaking of which, next year's set will be modeled after the 1963 Topps set. If done right, that set could be amazing.

About half the package ended up being those fun black retail-only quasi-parallels that I love so much. I do hope that they don't come up with another retail exclusive again next year. I have a feeling I will cut my pack purchasing habits down to strictly Heritage and A&G with pretty much no exceptions very soon. I just can't keep up.

Jose Bautista cards were not in plentiful supply until he started tearing the cover off the baseball with alarming regularity. In fact, I'm not even sure that I know what a Bautista Pirates (or any other team for that matter) card looks like. Do these things exist? Is there a market for early/rookie Bautista cards, someone who is already 30 and is just now becoming a marquee player?

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