Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling Good, Feeling Great

The Cards/Phillies NLDS series is now even at one game apiece as every good baseball fan knows. After last night's remarkable game - Cliff Lee had been 94-1 when staked to a 4 run lead or greater in his career including the playoffs - it's now down to the team that can win 2 of the next 3 games to advance. St. Louis has their lefty, Jaime Garcia, on the hill at home facing Cole Hamels in the early game before the Brewers go for the sweep in Arizona.

I'm feeling good enough about this series to post a Cubs card on my blog. Andre Dawson was no mere Cubbie, however, and for some reason he seems to be more or less exempt from my Cubs-hatred. This is one of several cards sent to me awhile back by Bo of Baseball Cards Come To Life! Even though I don't give it much of a mention here, I have made great progress on the 1993 Upper Deck set.

It's amazing to me that anything from the junk wax era is new to my eyes, but this was the case with most of the 1993 Upper Deck cards remaining on my want list. I am not sure what compelled companies to give subsets their own checklists, but we don't get anything like 800+ card sets anymore so I shouldn't complain.

A number of the cards in the package were also "new to me" Cardinals team needs, including Al Olmsted's only appearance on a MLB card. Olmsted apparently made his debut as a September call-up in 1980, pitching decently in 5 late season starts. He would never crack the majors again, though he was apparently traded away to San Diego and back to St. Louis again as a Player to be Named Later in the Ozzie Smith deal.

I have no idea how I never owned this card before. Mike Warren's career didn't quite compare to Righetti or Forsch's.

This is part of the junkiest of junk wax, but that doesn't make it any less needed. I know the ML Debut sets were out for a couple of years (maybe three?) and I am sure I am missing more than just this Todd Zeile card. I'll figure it out someday when I have time.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

That UD Dawson is sweet! Never seen that one before.

Bo said...

Glad you enjoy! This Yankees-Tigers series looks like 2006 - if that is the case let's hope we get full on 2006 and my NL team, the Cardinals, wins the World Series. If it can't be the Yankees I'd gladly have the Cardinals.