Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Luck Ducks, Week 7: Something to Prove

Every week in college football, you could argue that there's "a lot on the line" for any team hoping to achieve some level of success - a bowl game, perhaps. Bust out any of those tired cliches and they will apply here. The Ducks are trying to remain in contention for a BCS bowl (or better) while the Arizona State Sun Devils, #18 on the charts depending on who you ask, basically have the Pac-12 South locked up already and have a legitimate shot at a conference championship.

The Sun Devils are led by Vontaze Burfict, a linebacker who (again, if you listen to the cliche spouters) is Godzilla, Superman and Jesus all rolled in to one football sized human. He's also kind of dirty. Go ahead, just Google him. It won't take long. However, if the Ducks allow just one person to take them out of their game plan, it doesn't say much for their chances at greater success this year. Meanwhile, ASU's starting QB Brock Osweiler makes his second career start at Autzen Stadium. His last visit saw him as a freshman fill in for an injured starter before he was forced to leave the game himself due to injury. He's tall and can throw.

The biggest story is that the Ducks will almost certainly be without LaMichael James, barring some sort of Willis Reed-esque surprise appearance on the field, something you don't really see in collegiate sports because there's too much at stake and the players aren't being paid to be heroes. LaMike dislocated his elbow in the last game, but there is some hope that he won't miss a lot of time. Oregon has plenty of talented backs to carry the ball, but James just has the explosion thing that you don't really see in anyone else.

Above footage from ASU's 2009 visit to Autzen Stadium.

Game time is 7:15 PDT with national coverage on ESPN. Lee Corso's into it; what about you?

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