Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Someone Else's Fleer Group Break

Cardboard Collections has another cheap group break going on right now, and at last count there was something like 11 teams left. Go forth and purchase. In the mean time, here are a few cards from an earlier group break hosted over there.

I'm guessing this is what 1996 Fleer would look like if someone didn't get fired over the whole 1995 debacle. It's all glossy and shiny in its own way, straying away from the minimalist, almost magazine cover thin look of the base cards. This is some sort of glossy "tiffany" style parallel that probably comes one per pack in this set.

I meant to actually scan a 1997 Fleer DK card, but somehow the 1996 version sneaked its way on to my scanner. You're not missing much, actually, aside from a font change.

That's a lot of head and not much else on this Brian Jordan insert.

A few other Cardinal stragglers made it into this package, which is nice. As much as it still stings to remember the 2004 postseason (and the 1996 playoffs for that matter), this current batch of Cardinals is far removed from the 105-win team and has their own path to take. Besides, if an 83-win team can win it all, why can't a Wild Card 90-game winner?

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