Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All-Star Contest Winner!

Congrats to Tenets of Wilson for winning yesterday's All-Star Contest. Wilson was, surprisingly, the only person to pick Matt Holliday out of 21 participants. Here's the final tally by player in case anyone is curious:

  • Matt Holliday: 0.027
  • Carlos Beltran 0.004
  • David Freese: -0.001
  • Rafael Furcal: -0.001
  • Lance Lynn: N/A (DNP)

As you can see, no Cardinals players had an extreme impact on a game that was basically over in the first inning anyway. Had someone come closer to Holliday's score, they could have won the prize. Instead, it will go to a Cardinals fan. This is probably the best news of all to me, since I have more Cardinals to get rid of than most teams combined! I will get this prize package out the door as soon as I can send off the last prize from my last contest... which happens to be going to the same person. Congrats.


  1. I got lucky there, it wasn't until after my entry I realized the "Cardinal MVP" wouldn't necessarily have the numbers of a game MVP, so picking a huge number wasn't necessary. Thanks for having a mathy contest, I love taking a shot at those.

  2. Furcal should have won.

    That's all I am saying.


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