Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cards on Cards Sells Out

Like a number of card-hungry bloggers out there, I've gone and joined up with Listia. If you're sick of reading people promoting something or pandering for attention for their own personal gain, then I'll just keep this brief. I clicked a couple of things, spent literally no money and very little time, and ended up with some cards. There's other stuff, too. Basically, you sign up, get some "credits" which are used as currency, and can use said credits to take stuff from other people. Most things seem to come with free shipping, so a free lunch is truly a free lunch here. For a bit more of your time, you can do this like set up auctions and get rid of your own junk to attain more credits. They also have surveys you can do, apparently.

Anyway, back to the cards, because I know that's why you're here. Actually, you're probably here to solve the mystery as to why Pacific reverse-negatived Gaetti's photo for the back of this 1998 Invincible card. It looks really silly, because they had to remove the logo on the cap or it would have been an obvious mirror image.

My first winning auction netted three cards in hand, and this Chris Narveson Finest "rookie" was one of them. It goes in my Cardinals binders.

This will be the last time I blatantly promote Listia here, but I do encourage you to sign up if you're curious. It seems to be pretty harmless at worst, and at best you could end up with something you didn't know that you wanted for the tidy sum of zero dollars.

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  1. I view it almost as an indirect trading site. I was able to "sell" some NBA cards I didn't want for a bunch of credits. I turned those credits into a Mike Sweeney jersey card plus a bunch of miscellaneous wants. All it cost me was the shipping on the stuff I sold.


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