Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gobs and Gobs of Cards on Cards

I've been avoiding this for a little while, but with the off day for the Cardinals I finally got bold enough to show off some of the ridiculously huge box that I received from Dennis of Too Many Grandersons Fisters? Verlanders. This was a Cardinalspalooza to the extreme! There was also what appears to be a complete set of 1996 Bazooka cards thrown in for good measure (or to make sure the huge box was flush with cards... not sure which!) I'm only showing 17 cards here which is but a pale representation of what the box truly held and how many team sets it managed to complete or put a nice dent into.

Blog favorite Jim Edmonds is still the only player in my collection that I have a nice want list for. It's actually a reverse want list (the dreaded "have" list) which has probably thrown a few people off that clicked on my Zistle link. I should probably do something about that.

The Dan Haren for Mark Mulder trade is beginning to fade deeper and deeper into the recesses of Cardinal fan memories, and the fact that Daric Barton didn't amount to much and that Haren has changed teams twice since wearing an Athletics uniform has softened the blow a bit.

I think I am in the minority when I say that I truly love the Cardinals "alternate" caps, worn only on Sundays. They are the only non-traditional things the Cardinals wear as they are one of the very few teams that stick to a strict home whites and road greys set that has been in place with only subtle changes since 1992.

Only I would get irrationally excited about a Jeff Weaver baseball card from 6 years ago. I am down to needing just one base card from the monstrous 2006 Upper Deck team set now.

I would love to see another (non-gimmicky!) Stadium Club set someday.

Larry Walker won't be best remembered as a Cardinal, but he still provided some fond memories while he was a Redbird.

This is one of my favorite Pacific brand sets.

This one... not so much.

Upper Deck had some seriously great designs and ideas during their heyday. But then again, so do criminal masterminds, I guess.

This is some reprint of Big Mac's famous rookie card that was produced in 1999, so I guess it belongs in my binder? He was on the Cardinals in 1999... I'm conflicted about this one.

I received a few different Yadi rookie cards, including this nice Bowman base that I did not previously own. Nice!

I've wanted to make fun of Chrome for so long, but I know deep down that I love the stuff. I just can't bring myself to pay full price for it.

Here's one of those black Walmart parallels that they used to do. Closer... in... space!

Topps has had their share of misses, too. You can't always just take two successful ideas and marry them. Chrome + Stadium Club did not = Baby in a Baby Carriage.

This might have been the worst Fleer Ultra design ever. I wonder if Night Owl has ever done an Ultra design countdown.

Finally, here's a serial numbered refractor of left reliever Sam Freeman. The Cards thought so much of Freeman's work down the stretch that they left him completely off the roster and are only carrying one southpaw in the pen. Yikes.

Many, many thanks once again to Too Many Verlanders. This trade was tremendous! He has some similar sounding groups of teams to trade off in the coming days, so you should check things out over there (and encourage Dennis to make more Simpsons references.)

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