Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Fleer" Still Makes Cards, Apparently

You learn something new every day.

Those that primarily pay attention to baseball cards and no other sports may be surprised to learn that Fleer is still a thing. I picked up this Clyde the Glide card off of Listia recently and it arrived in my mailbox today. It has an actual 2014 copyright year on it and the old familiar Fleer logo, but it's obviously not a baseball card. Actually, some of us may even be surprised to learn that Upper Deck, who owns the Fleer brand, is still making cards at all.

This is a pretty nice looking card, and from what I've grasped the Fleer Retro brand has done fairly well among high end thrill seekers in these other sports (I'm assuming they do this for hockey as well?) As far as basketball cards are concerned, you can still get your Jordan hits and your Kobe whatevers, but they have to stick to using their college uniforms as Panini has an NBA monopoly. (Actually, considering Kobe Bryant never went to college, maybe they use his high school prom pictures or something?)

Monopolies are bad, but given their overall business practices, I'm not sure I'd want Upper Deck getting a license for anything ever again. Nevertheless, this is a nice looking card of my all-time favorite hoopster.


  1. I guess I'm glad to see UD is keeping the brand alive.

  2. Nice pickup! UD doesn't do near enough with their NCAA licensing. I don't get why they aren't putting out flagship NCAA football and basketball sets every year.


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