Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Night Belonged to Wainwright

The Cardinals ace was completely dominant tonight.

Expanded instant replay probably hasn't increased average game length all that much, but it certainly seems that I had yet to sit through a sub-3 hour Cardinals game this year. Tonight that all changed. In two hours and twenty minutes, which included a ten minute delay for an umpire injury of some sort, Adam Wainwright ripped through the Arizona lineup en route to a one hit shutout. The Diamondbacks have been a fairly sorry lot so far this year and have even brought Tony La Russa into the mix to try and clean house/fix things. However, Wainwright is once again tossing some of the best innings of his career, and it's a great thing to see.

The cards you see here came from Night Owl a couple of months ago. I haven't really talked about the Donruss revival here, but I finally got my hands on some thanks to my fellow nocturnal blogger. And they are just plain awful. Case in point - even if I can somehow get around the cheesy MSPaint graphics and the '78 Topps ripoff, the licensing issue remains. That's always going to be a sticking point for me, but on top of all of these other issues, they had to go and use a photo of him that is likely from 2009. 2009! The man has been in the majors for five seasons now and Panini digs up something that entirely predates his big league career. You can tell by the jersey number, one of the few things that they didn't have to worry about Photoshopping. This set is really seriously disappointing considering how much I love the Donruss NBA set that Panini once put out.

I'm probably not much different in this than most, but when a small card has basically the same aspect ratio as a standard sized card, when I load the image to the blog it just looks like any other card. This is a 1975 Topps Mini, however, one of Night Owl's specialties. Hence, I made the image ridiculously small so no one will be confused.

Finally, Night Owl knocked off some more numbers off of the 2006 Allen & Ginter want list. I'm not doing all that well on some of the sets that I've been working on for years, but I've already decided to dedicate 2014 to getting my so-called PCs in order and my Cardinals want list in better shape. In the meantime, these set want lists are there if you need 'em.

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