Friday, July 11, 2014

Airbrushed Fridays: 2014 Topps #446

The last man standing of Oakland's Big Three.

Who is he? Tim Hudson has been one of baseball's most solid starting pitchers over the last decade and a half. Alongside Barry Zito and Mark Mulder, Oakland's starting pitching staff was one of the most feared in the game. The current A's team has become very mighty once again, though they've been assembled in a much different way. After Oakland, Hudson spent eight seasons with Atlanta where he continued to pitch at a high level.

How did he get here? Hudson left to sign as a free agent with the Giants, who are trying to continue their even year dominance and get back to the World Series again. Oddly enough, they may have to take down Oakland if they want to win their 3rd title in 5 years, and they've struggled mightily of late. It's also not even the All-Star break just yet.

Repeat offender? No

Other versions of this card: None

Airbrushed Score: 6

Comments: Very closely cropped, so you have to imagine he has legs.

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