Monday, July 28, 2014

Steve D. D-Livers

This is just a reminder that Blog Post Title Writer is still an unpaid position.

Fellow blog reader and Listia member (Listian?) Steve D. just exchanged PWEs with me after he was one of the last to grab some cards from my soon-to-be-retired trade bait page. For my part, I received a few Cardinals, some of which I am sharing with you this evening.

It's easy to forget that the Walmart blue-ish parallels that we all know and love(-ish) started out as these murky black things. They wound easily and attract all sorts of fingerprints, and I remember the days of the blasters that were full of them, with an ink smell so putrid it reminded me of my days as a temp working at a printer plant where I was hand collating leaflets all day. Seriously, that was a job.

It's also easy to forget The Sporting News as a print magazine. I never quite figured out why, since I'm pretty sure I never saw the man read more than a sentence or two in his life, but my grandfather used to be a Sporting News subscriber in the '80s. Those things were chock full of stats and fine print in a way that the local paper could never hope to be. It helped bridge the gap for my stat-hungry mind between the very first box scores I read and the USA Today Baseball Weekly paper that first came around in the early '90s. I loved that stuff. Now we have the internet and I can barely find the time to check up on players that play for my own favorite team, let alone keep tabs on the rest of the league.

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