Monday, September 8, 2014

Trade Don't Lie

Is it really almost basketball season, too?

Single game tickets just went on sale for the upcoming NBA season, and I ended up snagging some nosebleeds for the Blazers opener against Oklahoma City the other day. Buying NBA tickets in the 90+ degree summer heat really took me out of reality for a moment, though. In light of the upcoming season, I'm going to be contacting those of you who have signed up for the (Free-ish) Basketball Card Trading club. I plan on making some more of those kinds of purchases in the fall and will need some fresh mailboxes to dump those excess (non-Blazers, non-Ducks) cards. If you're interested at all in something like that, feel free to contact me and snag a team or some players. Don't worry if someone else has claimed something, because I will be clearing out some people who never responded to me with addresses or anything like that. (I have a lot of extra Suns and Pistons cards, to name a couple.)

Reader Brandon L recently swapped cards with me, netting me this high quality Sheed jersey card. Rasheed Wallace is one of my all-time favorite Blazers (and players, to be honest). His antics were always at least entertaining, and even if he didn't exactly ingratiate himself to the media (or some of his teammates), he was the center figure of some of the best Blazers teams in the history of the franchise. It feels like only recently that the team is finally stopping to gloss over the Sheed era, at least the parts that don't necessarily overlap with the Jail Blazers era. (They were kind of the same thing, but they were only "The Jail Blazers" in the media when they weren't winning.)

Brandon also sent me another really nice gem that you'll see here on Saturday morning. I'm sure you know what that means.

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